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We are a huge group of Linux users here - several thousand over the various mailing lists, and 60-100 attend every meeting. What else would you expect from a LUG in the IT Capital of India? ;-) Click here for more information about us.

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December 2/3/4, 2003

News Stack:

February 2004 BLUG Meet
[15-Feb-2004 09:25AM]

The February 2004 BLUG meet will be held on Friday, 20th Feb 2004, and this time we have with us a special guest of honour: Brian Behlendorf - the co-founder and President of the Apache Software Foundation. More details can be found here.

Jan BLUG meet: Postponed to 30th Jan
[14-Jan-2004 07:17AM]

The January BLUG meet has been postponed to Friday, 30th January 2004.
This is due to the IPv6 conference (which ends on the 22nd), the long weekend(26th, Monday is a holiday) and a few other reasons.

January Meet: Linux Kernel 2.6 Features
[12-Jan-2004 09:21AM]

The January 2004 BLUG meet will be held on Friday, 23rd January 2004. The theme of meet will be "Linux Kernel 2.6 Features". For more details click here.

October BLUG Meet: Cancelled
[21-Oct-2003 08:15AM]

Since Friday, the 24th of Oct is Diwali and it is a long weekend, the attendance at the BLUG meet would not be very encouraging! In view of this the October BLUG meet is cancelled.

August Meet - Linux's 12th B'Day Party
[16-Aug-2003 08:35PM]

The August meet will be on the 24th (Sunday). We shall celebrate Linux's 12th Birthday. To get all the details rush to the August BLUG Meet page.

BLUG Logo campaign
[01-Aug-2003 09:29PM]

The BLUG Logo campaign webpage is up. Visit http://linux-bangalore.org/logo for all the details.

July Meet: Embedded and Real Time Linux
[21-Jul-2003 07:34AM]

The July 2003 BLUG meet will be held on Friday, 25th July 2003. The theme of meet will be "Embedded and Real Time Linux". For more details click here.

June BLUG Meet: Linux Development IDEs
[27-Jun-2003 01:22PM]

The June 2003 BLUG meet will be held on Friday, 27th June 2003. The theme of meet will be "Linux Development IDEs". For more details click here.

Blogging with Linux
[27-Jun-2003 01:22PM]

The theme of this meet is open source blogging, specifically the uses of Linux and Wordpress. For more details go here.

May 2003 Meet: Opensource Databases
[21-May-2003 08:46PM]

The May 2003 BLUG meet, happening on Friday, 23-May-2003, is themed "Opensource Databases" and has a long list of interesting talks lined up. Check out the details by clicking here.

BLUG Meet on April 25th
[23-Apr-2003 12:03AM]

This month's BLUG meet will be held on April 25th 2003 and focuses on Wireless Networking under Linux

Venue/Talk Details/Speaker Profiles etc can be found here.

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