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An Applied Technology Conference
December 10, 11 & 12, 2001

Linux Bangalore/2001 is a three day conference on understanding and using Linux technologies. This conference aims to cover a large number of areas that include Core Linux technologies, Open Source, Embedded Systems and other allied technologies.

These pages will tell you more about the event, what you will find there, and how you can participate.

Latest LB/2001 News:

And in the end...
[06-Feb-2002 02:06PM]

The slides of the Linux Bangalore/2001 talks are available for donwload. You can download them from the schedules page.

You can also read a complete report.

Comments and views of the delegates, speakers and volunteers can be read as well.

We are sorry for the delay in putting up the slides for download. Hope these will be of use to you.

See you at Linux Bangalore/2002!

The Linux Bangalore/2001 team

Photos of LB/2001
[15-Dec-2001 02:46PM]

We have put up some photos of the event here.

Note that these are unoptimised dumps of some of the photos taken with Atul's camera. These will eventually be cleaned up a bit, brightened up a bit (note to self - buy stronger flash!) and possibly (gasp!) captioned. ;-)

In the meanwhile - enjoy!

Note: If you have any snaps of the event, please send us copies to!

LB/2001 - Day 3
[12-Dec-2001 04:36PM]

OK, I am typing this from the venue. Quick update - LB/2001 is rocking like a hurricane.

Starting with a keynote by Volker Grassmuck on "Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Commons", quickly followed by Sirtaj's "frightening" ;) "KDE - Lessons learned". As this is being written, Tarique Sani and Gurunandan Bhat are running packed halls on web programming and databases. More later!

p.s. The BLUG has its final meet for the year 2001 today at the J.N.Tata Auditorium at 6pm. Be there!

Update (very late at night):OK, it is done. With a final burst of talks dripping with tech, with a double presentation of XML instead of one (!) and an emotionally charged final gathering, LB/2001 came to an end to the sound of thundering applause, friendly "we got to keep in touch" and a confirmation that LB/2002 is indeed happening.

The managers are now doing their final duties - doing final accounts, clearing up (and grabbing momentos!) By the weekend, the slides of the talks should be up, and we should see the final report on the event come out soon.

Till then....Zzzzzzzz!

LB/2001 - Day 2
[11-Dec-2001 11:23PM]

Does the word "clockwork" mean anything to you? If not, you should have been there at LB/2001 on day two, where we got flooded for the second day in a row with more than 1400 people attending the talks, all which started perfectly on time, and everything went off without a hitch.

Today could have been termed "Raw Technology" day, with talks ranging from "Linux Device Drivers" to "Developing Voice over IP", "Bandwidth Management" to "Low cost ISP setup".

If there ever were any doubts about the success of this event, they can now be laid to rest - Linux Bangalore/2001 is probably the most successful technology event Bangalore has ever seen....and this was only day 2!

LB/2001 - Day 1
[10-Dec-2001 10:14PM]

Well, LB/2001 saw its first day today, and what a day it was!

Starting from 8am, people started queuing up to get in, and it took quite a while to check everyone through the tight security.

After a mild delay, things got kicked off with an emotion-charged welcome ceremony which saw LUG representatives from across India participating in the lighting of the inaugural lamp, talks by various LUG members, a talk by our sponsor - all this in a jam-packed main hall.

The afternoon sessions saw all records broken, with *very* hall filled to capacity - the 1020 official seats quickly filled by almost 1300 people, who then spilled onto the aisles.

All talks went well, and were very well received. The LLI folks locked themselves into what appeared into a very productive round of discussions, emerging only late in the evening with very satisfied looks on their faces.

As expected, the admin and development talks had their halls creaking, with tons of discussions following each talk.

The evening saw several BoF sessions happening, including one on general admin issues, as well as one on Localisation (don't these guys ever get enough? ;)

After we managed to kick everone out for the night, we started receiving several reports from assorted pubs all across Bangalore - it appears that the sessions had moved there and were successfully continuing as this is being typed ;-)

Tomorrow promises to be another hectic day - more reports from the front (and photos) as we get the time.

Instructions to delegates
[07-Dec-2001 03:34PM]

OK, we are now in the final 72 hours before the event. If even a third of the registered delegates show up, we are guaranteed a houseful situation.

To make life easier for delegates, we have put together a list fo instructions, which you can read here - we suggest you do so right now.

Fabmart promotes LB/2001, discounts!
[05-Dec-2001 04:36PM]

A while back, Fabmart had requested the Linux community to send in suggestions so that they could build a comprehensive list of Linux books.

This list is now up, complete with promotion of Linux Bangalore/2001, and (dig this!) 20% discount on all Linux books between the 7th and 15th of December!

If you have ever been asked "What book should I refer for Linux?", then this is the place to go! Thanks, Fabmart!

Final Talk Schedules are up!
[04-Dec-2001 02:45PM]

Alright!!!!!! The final Talk Schedules are now up and ready for your viewing pleasure and reference - just click here.

[Updated 5-Dec] Revised schedules now up - if you checked on the 4th, check again now. No talk changes, but time slots have moved around for a more logical sequence of talks.

How to reach LB/2001
[02-Dec-2001 12:07PM]

Mahendra has put together a useful list of resources to help people reach the venue - click here to read all about it.

HP sponsors Linux Bangalore/2001!
[30-Nov-2001 09:03PM]

We are extremely happy to announce that Hewlett Packard (India Software Operations) has agreed to wholly sponsor Linux Bangalore/2001!

The Linux community thanks you, HP!


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