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Frederick Noronha

No great piece of literature this... just for those who might not have the inclination to visit the website... FN

PS: Apologies for the references which might not make sense for a readership outside Goa. To explain insufficiently, Paulo is a local privately-run bus service owned by the family of a former MLA here. (It's sometimes efficient, sometimes breakdown prone, but always run by the type of crew that believes stopping for a two-minute roadside pee every two hours is the equivalent of criminal activity. They'll do everything to convince you to hold on to your bladder for just two hours or so, if you're lucky. The government was, at last count, detaining the 'sleeper' Paulo and some enterprising others introduced on the route. Unfortunately, this has less to do with saving our bladders, and more to do with politics (busowners have always been seen as a strongly politically-aligned lobby here).

Tom Fernandes, like Atul, is half-Goan, half-German. To catch up, his programming and sys admin skills have a long way to go. Tom is trying hard. To make up, he's gone and bleached his hair in intricate patterns.

Returning from an outstation trip means unpacking bags. Here are some stories which need to be put out, and which could interest our Linux-Goa friends.

  • There were a record number of 13 participants from Goa. Seven of us went in a team. Notwithstanding talk of the government swooping down suddenly on sleeper-buses, we braved a Paulo journey. Marilac and Simao, from Agnel Polytechnic, preferred the train, being closer to the South. We met up with Prof Bhat and Bijon Shaha (both speakers) in Bangalore. We were surprised to see two more GU students staying at our very own hostel. (Apparently Jhony D'Costa accosted them when he heard somebody speaking in Konkani... and we all got introduced to Manish Pai and Shailesh Porob of the MCA batch.)
  • Lectures were mostly very interesting. The event was amazingly well organised. There were four parallel sessions underway simultaneously. This meant we all missed some of the talks. But since we are largish group, we could spread ourselves out. Of course, ILUG-Goa members are not going to hear much about what happened. All attempts to coax Arvind and the others to write have so far proved futile. "I can't write to save my life," is Arvind's argument. Should someone be getting out the knives then?
  • But we did discover that talking till late in the night was not such a tough task. One night, the talk continued till 1.30 am... of course on the pretense of exchanging notes about sessions that couldn't be attended. The next night, Tom Fernandes (Goa's attempted answer to Atul Chitnis ;-) passed out on us, while all the laughter brought on a mild asthama attack on one victim who will for now remain unnamed!
  • Both Goa's speakers put up a good show. Prof Bhat, as usual, was in control of the subject which he peppered with the right amount of information, tongue-in-cheek humour and lively points. Even someone as technologically-challenged like me could almost understand Prof Bhat's talk. If one had to stay in longer, one would have got out far less ignorant. But the stories beckoned. Bijon Shaha of ETDC was making a fascinating points to show how ISO requirements could be met by using suitable solutions. My commerce and economics background helped one appreciate that this was a useful contribution indeed. But the fact that we had just a couple of minutes before rushing off to catch the return-bus home meant we did not gain the most from this second talk-from-Goa. Perhaps if we get projection equipment somewhere, Mr Shaha could help us all by repeating the talk... just as we should be badgering Prof Bhat.
  • Before we forget, a 'thank you' is due to our Bangalore friends and organisers. Not just because they so graciously helped us jump the long serpentine queues on Monday morning (you wouldn't believe how long the queue was, with an estimated 1300+ registering that day... hope the figures are right). But they also took care of giving us access to inexpensive, homely and clean accomodation. Thanks a lot to Jesse for all the help. Even if this wholly-free event had charged a costly entry-fee, it would have been well worth it. Incidentally Atul Chitnis, KDE developer Sirtaj Singh Kang, keynote speaker from Germany's Humboldt Uni. are all Goa-bound in the next few days.
  • In the bargain, we also managed to grab a PHP-packed CD from one of India's PHP gurus, Dr Tarique Sani of Nagpur. (Freddy, do make sure that copies get around to others interested.) ILUGers rubbed shoulders with some of the big names in the Indian Linux world. Gaurav (21) was duly impressed to to learn what other 21-year-olds are doing... and diligently sat through their lectures... hopefully the inspiration will show up. We were all suitably chastised to see the skills at presentations and making a point developed by other young Bangaloreans and others.
  • In between, our guys got a chance to do a whole lot of shopping. Freddy disappeared somewhere and came back with a top-secret plastic bag, the contents of which we are still not sure of. Seby must have exhausted all the CD-writers, TV-tuner cards and other hardware from a section of the Bangalore market. (He also got writeable CDs at Rs 26 apiece. Tell that to vendors in Goa selling the same item for Rs 40+.)
All in all, it was an interesting meet. Did anyone feel otherwise? Nevermind the pre-dawn changeovers from the Paulo sleeper to the Paulo sitter-bus, at dark Ankola.

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