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Harish Thota


I could only attend LB/2001 Day 0 (the day before) and Day 1. But the memories will really last. Here are some memories that I could think of:

  1. On Sunday, me and other volunteer Srikanth went to Jessie's house to get her3 computers to the venue. We carried all of them down 3 floors along with Kingsly, fitted them into Jessie's Maruti 800 with great skill (any guys moving house, u know whom to contact now! ;-) ). But the toughest part of course was to manage Jessie's 1 yr old Kid Jade, who i was managing and she was sticking her lollipop all over me! ;-)
  2. On Monday, we run from hall to hall to fix things up well. My task was to see that the first 3 rows of seats in the J N Tata Hall(the biggest one, where theopening ceremony was held) were only occupied by the speakers and the sponsors. I stood there for almost 1 hour, unpetrubed by the fact that over 1000 pair of eyes were constantly looking at me, as nothing much was happening on the stage anyway!
  3. In the afternoon, I had to manage the LLI hall. After a long time, we could boot Kartik's(one of the volunteer) system and set up the projector only to know that the project needs to go to other hall! And the best (or should i say worst :-) !) was that the projector was giving the power supply to the machine so we had to reboot the machine again when we setup the new projector. After booting, we found out that it was totally out of focus! So we could call up on the one and only saviour for projectors, Hanish! So I had to drag Hanish out of one of his (as usual !) long discussions with some one in the main Hall (who took the sensible step of taking down Hanish's email ID, knowing how popular he is!) only to find that focus was back again! :-))
  4. Managing the registration counter was horrible all along with streams of people pouring in! But one incident really took the cake! One lady appeared over the counter and was trying to say something. We asked her whether she was registered. She said no. We said please register. Looks ok,right? Wrong! The wrong thing(was it wrong?) was the lady was the Vice Chancellor's ( VC ) wife, and to top it all, the VC was the chief guest at LB 2001! It turned out later that he was supposed to come for the opening ceremony in the morning but could not come and his wife came and we thought she was a delegate! :-0

Some more LB2001 memories (just attending first day, i have so many! just imagine if i had attened all 3 days! :-) )

  1. Some one came looking for "a guy who can help setup the projector" in the LLI hall where I, Nijo and Hanish were standing. Nijo started explaining to the guy a description (with glasses and all!) which sounded like Hanish's. Hanish tapped Nijo on his shoulder and asked him whether he was describing him! :-)). Nijo said no no not you some one else! For a moment, me and Hanish thought Nijo was describing him all the time, hanish being just behind Nijo!
  2. The most sought-after volunteer was of course Gourav, whom we kept dragging out of the halls, cause he was the "key" person. He had the "key" to the organiser's room, which had all our stuff there! He was being pulled up from all sides of the venue whenever we guys needed some stuff, and he guarded his key against his life!
  3. The LLI tracks really had very passionate member who sat through all the talks of the track! Dr.Pavanaja, Karunakar and Mahendra were constantly kept on their toes by the selective audience who kept on discussing till very late. Hoping to see much larger role of LLI in the LB 2002!
  4. It really reminded the college days when we used to organise college festivals and used to run from here to there to make sure everything was ok! Thanks BLUG for making me relive those old days! :-X
  5. The food was excellent! And I am sure the caterer had a real roaring business! and to think, Atul and Mahendra had to promise him that they can't gurantee the number of people! (LOL!) I am sure the caterer will be the first person who will land up at LB 2002! Thanks Soan for getting such a good caterer!
  6. The volunteers were really treated well (what with 50 coupons per day which really treated us well !) and we will love to come back for LB2002.

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