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Managers' Comments

  • Mahendra M ( co-ordinator )

    First of all, I would like to thank all the managers and the volunteers who made Linux Bangalore/2001 a grand success. Of course, the sponsors too. Without them the event would not have happened. Linux Bangalore/2001, in my view, was the result of some great team work. I still feel dizzy when I think about the event. If it was not for this team, I would have ended up at a psychiatrist's place. Gopi and Biju showed me how to handle this. They used to tell, "A good manager delegates work to others and does not do the work himself". I will try to follow this advice throughout my life. Thanks Biju and Gopi ;-).

    Being the co-ordinator of the Bangalore Linux Users Group and also being a member of the Linux Bangalore/2001 managers' team, I have seen it all. Right from the beginning till the end, the highs and lows and all the changes. The managers' team itself faced a lot of changes adding to the confusion, but if it wasn't for this dedicated team, Linux Bangalore/2001 would have never happened. Hats off to them.

    I won't comment about the conference. It is upto the others to do that. According to me, Linux Bangalore/2001 was able to demonstrate the power and capability of the Linux community. It showed that the community can do things that excels in terms of quality and quantity. The Indian Linux community, growing at a tremendous pace, is all set to witness more instances of this.

    Hope to see you at Linux Bangalore/2002.

  • Kingsly John

  • Syed Khader Vali

  • Jessica Prabhakar

  • Swati Sani

  • Biju Chacko

  • U K Jaiswal


    Advisors' Comments

  • Gopi Garge

  • Atul Chitnis


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