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N K Sundaram

Hello managers,volunteers and others who made it happen,
It was really a great show as atul told that day. I know it will be a really difficult thing to repeat, but we should try. Well a thing or two about my experiences,

  1. It was a really tough time trying to figure out what talks catered to a somewhat newbie like me.
  2. I had to really miss some presentations due to similar ones held at the same time. anyway if u can put up the presentations on the net maybe I can go over the ones which I missed and try to siphon some info about the subject.
  3. Somebody had cribbed about the quality of food. I think it should not be a big issue as otherwise it will divert our attention from the subjects and also make us sleepy in the afternoon sessions [ if we stuffed ourselves!! ]
  4. I would have liked at least a seperate line of talks focussing on desktops right from the setting up of x servers to the latest developments. I think the few talks we had, had Ravi trying to give a general outlook and would have been much better if followed up by config talks on various typical desktop subjects.[ since we are talking of taking over from MS-what with its new licensing policy!! ]
I know I may be sounding a bit trying, but this conference really gave an insight into what amount of effort and dedication goes into development what with talks from Taj,Ravi,Tarique etc.

I really enjoyed the presentation of Dr. Bhat. It was really in the nature of linux spirit and at the same time very informative for a lay person like me about databases in linux.

Finally, I still have the feeling that the time period of 3 days was just right, but I would have loved to attend all talks even though it was not physically possible!!

Great guys, this has reallly set the benchmark for all the other conferences to follow.


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