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Pradyumna Sampath

Wasnt this great!!
Kudos to Mahendra, all the managers and volunteers!!
So here goes my report!!

I happened to be one of the volunteers at the LB/2001 and now I regret why I ever Volunteered... ;-). We all had a great time in LB/2001.The most of the time we were running around the place trying to get machines to the halls. Well there were instances where there was a speaker in the hall with a jam packed audience and no machine to project his slides. Thank god none of the delays were large. Sometimes the delays were for getting the presentations into the respective machines. You may have an argument that this *shud* have been done earlier. Well, well.... we did not have the machines to do this. Amidst all this mayhem we suddenly find that the CD containing the slides is lost!! Whoa.. Then we got Shanu to rush to the office, burn a copy of the CD and get it. As of Sunday night, it was originally planned that that there would be one server where all the presentations would run and all the other machines would be networked (This was Atul's idea). But unfortunately there was no machine powerful enough to become the server.

Well.... now for act 2: I happened to be a speaker for the first time. Oh this was a experience worth remembering. Initially, I started to talk and I notice Kishore sitting there in the very first row. Whooops!, there I go. I got nervous and stuttered initially for 15 mins. Then I got comfortable and started to relax. Now for the funny part. There was this guy in the very first row, and was supposed to be changing my slides (He is my close friend ). He dozed off in the very first row and the only time he got up, maybe, was to change my slides ( thank god he did at least that ). Hey Manish! ( the fella who slept ) thanks for not snoring dude. Otherwise the talk went off well .


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