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I certainly did enjoy the event, even though I attended sadly only on the final day as I was not in Bangalore for the first 2 days. I even had nightmares about not being able to make it to Bangalore on the final day and worst of all not showing up to present my talk and then getting flamed ! But, I made it all the same ! The closing session really inspired me for next year. Some of the delegates whom I had invited personally, even told me after the event that this was the most professionally organised seminar and the best IT Seminar that they ever attended ! And of course, being a regular visitor of seminars myself, I also felt the same. This was organised much better that any big software house would have organised it. Like Atul mentioned during the closing session, the cream of the seminar was not in the corridors but in the actual place of action - The Huge 1000 seater and the moderately sized 60-90-120 seater halls. Kudos to everyone - the managers, volunteers, delegates and of course our sponsor ! We will need them next year also ! And BTW, Mahendra, meet the HP Representatives at Pizza Hut instead of Casa Piccola for finalising the event sponsorship details ! LOL !


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