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Instructions to Delegates

Dear delegate,

Thank you for registering for Linux Bangalore/2001, India's premier Linux event, being held at Bangalore on Dec 10-12.

This message is to give you some instructions to ensure that you and your fellow delegates have great time, so please read this carefully.

Date :

Dec 10, 11 and 12 2001.

Venue :

J N Tata Auditorium,
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Please visit to get more details about reaching the venue.

Timings :

The conference will start daily at 9:30am and will continue up to 6:30pm followed by the BoF ( Birds of a Feather ) sessions.

The delegates will be allowed to enter the venue at 8:45am everyday.

Lunch break will be between 1:00pm and 2:00pm.

Talk Schedule :

The detailed talk schedules are put up at our site.

Please visit for more information.

Seat allocation :

The seats at the venue will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

As a registered delegate you can walk in with your registration code This will help you get a seat soon. Note that the registration code is only a convenience while registering - you *must* present your code at the registration desks to receive your delegate badge that allows you to enter the complex.

You will find your registration code in the subject line of this message. If you would like to have a printout of your delegate code, go to and enter this code there

Every day we will allow delegates to enter the venue by 8:45am. So make it a point to be there early and on time.

Security :

We are making strict security arrangements.

Please do NOT bring any bags or baggage with you. You will be subjected to a security check at the entrance.

The security personnel may check you and your belongings anytime, when you are inside the venue.

Also, please avoid wearing big coats or jackets.

Avoid bringing bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, suit cases and other similar stuff.

You may bring your laptops. However, these will have to undergo a security check as well.

Please note : This is being done to ensure your safety. Therefore please co-operate with us.

Stationery :

Please bring your own pen, paper and other material for taking notes. As this is a free event, no delegate kit will be provided.

Food and Beverages :

We have made arrangements for Food at the venue. You may or may not have food from this place. You have to pay for your own food, and the prices are reasonable. Information about the menu and prices will be available at

We will be making arrangements for drinking water at the venue.

Please note : The BLUG has arranged for the caterer after due diligence. However, there is no financial connection between the BLUG and the caterer.

Crowd Management :

We have a volunteer team which will be looking after crowd control, and professional security people are also at hand.

Please co-operate with them. Remember, they are there to help you. We reserve the right of admission, and will evict people misbehaving in any way.

Vehicle parking :

The venue has space inside the compound for parking your vehicles. However, the space is limited. You are advised to car/bike pool as much as possible, or use public transport. Information is available on the site, at

Please co-operate with the security staff. The safety of your vehicles is solely your responsibility.

Smoking :

Smoking is *not* allowed anywhere on the premises. If you need to smoke, please stroll down to the main gate and smoke outside.

Sponsors :

The conference is being sponsored by

Hewlett Packard (India Software Operations)

We are extremely grateful to them for helping us to make this event a reality.

Hosts :

Linux Bangalore/2001 is being arranged by the Bangalore Linux Users Group.

With your co-operation, this first national Linux event will be a grand success.

See you there.

On behalf of the Bangalore Linux Users' Group.

The Linux Bangalore/2001 Management Team.


Copyright © 2004 The Bangalore Linux User Group
All Rights Reserved.

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