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Talk Details

Speaker Name Mahendra M
Talk Title Image Processing Under Linux
Track /dev/tools
Class Advance
Scope Technical
Synopsis An brief idea about implementing Image Processing Solutions under Linux, including Linux as a platform for Image Processing, Libraries used, specifically GIMP and Image Magick Libraries, A comparison of both these libraries, etc. More stress on the importance of Linux as a platform for high end image processing. Also a look at various image processing applications available for Linux - both commercial and Free.
Points *The various libraries available for Image Processing *How to use Gimp Libraries and Image Magick Libraries for handling images *Various commercial/free Image Processing Tools available *Why Linux is a good choice for Image Processing *Maybe even using Linux in Remote Sensing Data and emphasis on Satellite Image Processing.
Speaker Profile Just Completed Engineering ( Electronics & Communication ) from RV College of Engineering ( RVCE ), Bangalore. Was the Network Administrator of RVCE. Currently the co-ordinator of the BLUG.

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