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Talk Details

Speaker Name Volker Grassmuck
Talk Title Intellectual Property and Knowledge Commons: The Case of Free Software
Track /keynote
Class Introductory
Scope General
Synopsis Discusses the idea of commons in the age of infosociety. Knowledge (etc.) is not a scarce resource. Non-exclusive, non-rivalous use is possible. That is, if you abstract from the material carrier of information. Knowledge, too, was a common good up until the middle ages, according to Volker. Now, although information itself is not a scarce resource, there is something else that is scarce: the attention of both creators and public (if different). The talk addresses the role of OpenSource in this era of IP "strong-arming".
Speaker Profile Volker Grassmuck needs little introduction to most people in the OpenSource world. He is best known as the brain behind the "Wizards of OS" conferences. Read more about him in this article
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