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Talk Details

Speaker Name Sirtaj Singh Kang
Company KDE
Talk Title KDE - Lessons Learned
Track /dev/application
Class Introductory
Scope General
Synopsis I will provide notes on the way the KDE project functions, its internal organization, the core values and lessons to be learned for other projects that use the bazaar model of development. This will be valuable for people who wish to be involved with free software development, or wish to understand the thought and motivation behind people who are willing to devote huge amounts of their time to a cause like a UNIX desktop.
Points These are a few of the areas I will cover: The common values and goals of KDE developers The successes and failures of KDE team decisions Development and release model of KDE PR, motivation and corporate involvement
Speaker Profile Sirtaj has been involved with KDE development since the very early days of the project and has had ample time to watch the project grow and mature over the years. Until recently he was representative for KDE in Australia. Sirtaj is a professional programmer and has a keen interest in the management and operation of free software projects.

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