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Talk Details

Speaker Name Ravi Pratap
Company Ximian Inc
Talk Title GNOME - Present and Future
Track /dev/tools
Class Introductory
Scope Technical
Synopsis The upcoming GNOME 2.0 release is touted as the most significant release of the GNOME desktop environment and platform libraries yet. This talk shall provide a sneak preview of the brilliant new technologies and applications that are going into the making of this world-class desktop environment.
Points * An introduction to the platform from a developer\'s viewpoint including the component technology of the GNOME platform - Bonobo * Demos and previews of various GNOME 2 components and libraries.
Speaker Profile Ravi Pratap is 21 years old and currently employed with Ximian Inc. as a software engineer. His first involvement with free software and the GNOME project began in Nov 1999, during his undergraduation at IIT Madras, with his contributions to the GNOME Basic project. Ever since, he\'s worked on numerous GNOME projects and is currently working on the Mono project as a core developer of the C# compiler for Linux.
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