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Talk Details

Speaker Name Naba Kumar
Talk Title BONOBO and Gnome Development Tools
Track /dev/tools
Class Advance
Scope General
Synopsis The talk basically starts with a brief discussion on the BONOBO architecture and the step by step description of implementing a bonobo component. Then, the talk focuses on the development paradism of the various GNOME Development Tools. These newer set of tools are built on the BONOBO component architecture. Starting with the next generation 'Anjuta Dev Studio' (informally known as Anjuta2) and ending with various components available and How to write a pluggable component for Anjuta2.
Points 1) GNOME Bonobo architecture. 2) How to implement a bonobo component or How to convert the exsisting widgets into bonobo components. 3) Anjuta2 design architecture [anjuta shell and plugin architecture. 4) How to implement Anjuta2 plugin components. 5) What are the various components available to be used with 'Anjuta Dev Studio' and their brief design descriptions.
Speaker Profile I am the founder and lead Developer of Anjuta. I started the Anjuta project 3 or 4 years back and it has been a great success. I am also a member of GNOME Foundation. I have been working for open source for nearly 4 year and still hope to continue my contribution. Please visit, for more details on the project. We are now taking a turn in the GNOME Development with the newer (re-design) of Anjuta, called Anjuta2. The project has been merged with the former gIDE project to boost the development of GNOME Development Tools.
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