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Talk Details

Speaker Name Deepak Shenoy
Company Agni Software Private Limited
Talk Title Kylix - Rapid Application Development on Linux
Track /dev/tools
Class Introductory
Scope Technical
Synopsis This talk will focus on Kylix, Borland's new Rapid Application Development tool for Linux. Kylix is a "sort-of" port of Borland's popular Delphi 6, which runs on Windows. Kylix gives you the ability to build enterprise level applications using databases (mySQL and Interbase out of the box), Internet applications (Apache DSO support), SOAP servers/clients, visual applications and so much more. I will demonstrate some of the uses of Kylix in a "how-to" hands-on session.
Points 1) Kylix on Linux, an Introduction to Object Pascal and Borland Delphi 2) Building a simple visual application 3) Connecting to Databases 4) Soap - writing web services in Kylix 5) Cross Platform, roadmap of Kylix
Speaker Profile Deepak Shenoy is a Director at Agni Software ( which specializes in business solutions for companies all over the world. Deepak has worked on Delphi for over four years, and is only a beginner at Linux, but is learning and learning fast.
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