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Talk Details

Speaker Name Krishna Raj Raja
Company KCG Infotech (P) Ltd
Talk Title Sniffer Construction
Track /dev/system
Class Introductory
Scope Technical
Synopsis Contructing of a general purpose protocol analyzer with TCP/IP data sniffing, using Linux's SOCK_PACKET feature. Can be used as a program to audit internal networks and as a security/protocol traffic analyzer tool.
Points Introduction to Socket Programming Raw Sockets Etherenet Layer and Promiscuous mode Setting Socket in promiscous mode Code Implementation LibPcap Sniffing Demo
Speaker Profile Im working as Linux Network Administrator in my company for the past 1.5 years. Ive been leading few networking Projects in Protocol Analyzing, Bridging etc. at my organization Also im currently leading a web based intranet project in PHP for college management. Im also qualified instructor for Caldera OpenLinux's Networking and System Administrator courses in India. My recent work is on STAR bridging which is 100 % complete replacement and backward compatible protocol for Spanning Tree protocol.
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