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Talk Details

Speaker Name Manu Konchady
Company Self Employed
Talk Title Building Cross Platform Tools for Searching the Web
Track /dev/tools
Class Introductory
Scope General
Synopsis It is now common to use the Web to research topics and access information. The traditional approach to searching the web is to use a search engine to get an initial list of URLs and manually scan the list. This method has its limitations. A search engine has its own priorities in judging relevancy to a query and the list returned may not contain ALL the useful resources on the Web due to the size of the list and the priorities of the search engine. One solution to this problem, is the use of automated tools to collect and organize information locally on a client machine. Several commercial tools such as Bulleye and Copernicus attempt to automatically collect relevant information from the Web. These products still require an user to manually scan long lists of documents for useful information. This talk will propose the development of tools using Open Source software such as Perl, Java, and the MySql database software to address some of these problems. Tools such as these can greatly reduce the time users spend searching for information on the Internet. They can be customized to the user's preferrences and results can be sorted accordingly. Information relevant to the user can be quickly accessed without reading unecessary information.
Points The combination of Open Source software - Perl, Java, and MySql provide a powerful set of tools to build software for searching the Internet. The advantages of this combination of Open Source software will be discussed. Since this particular problem is based on processing large volumes of text, the use of Perl and modules will be elaborated. Perl does not seem to be popular in academia, but is widely used in Industry and the advantages of programming in Perl over other languages will be described. Optimizing the use of bandwidth by running multiple spiders concurrently will also be described. MySql is an Open Source database which is available on Linux, versions of Unix, and the Windows platforms. It is easy to use and much smaller than some of the other databases such as Oracle. Finally, Java provides the tools to build a powerful user interface. Perl does not yet have all the user interface features that Java can provide.
Speaker Profile I received a PhD in Information Technology in 1996 with a specialization in Parallel Computing and Simulation Models. I am currently working independently and develop software for Internet tools. I have worked in the software industry for over 15 years and have been an user of Linux for about 4 years.
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