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Talk Details

Speaker Name Syed Khader Vali
Talk Title Journalling FileSystems for Linux
Track /adm/services
Class Introductory
Scope Technical
Synopsis This talk introduces the concept of Journalling, the technicalities involved in it. Various Journalling Filesystems that are available today. How this is implemented in Linux ? How other Operating Systems implement it and the various advantages and disadvantages of a Journalling File Systems ?
Points Introdoction What is a Journalling File System ? - Technical Intro on Various Journalling FIlesystems Journalling Filesystems on Linux Journalling Filesystems on other OS's Advantages and disadvantages of Journalling File Systems.
Speaker Profile An Avid Linux User for a long time. Has been the moderator and co-founder of the Linux Users Group of Hyderabad. Works for IBM. Previously has given a talk on MOSIX and Clusters.
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