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Talk Details

Speaker Name Pradyumna Sampath
Company BMS College of Engineering
Talk Title Beyond the Install - Know your Linux box
Track /usr/my_pc
Class Introductory
Scope General
Synopsis This is an introduction to newbies, to kindle their spirit to discover more..
Points 1) Basic commands eg: ls -l ,dir,pwd, etc. 2) Intro to what is a shell 3) /etc [wrt RH 7.0} ie the various conf files.. eg : lilo.conf ,sndconfig, minicom, cron,anacron... 4) to install ,uninstall ,upgrade rpms 5) how to play mp3s,movies, conversion of 1 graphic format to other.. (cmd line options).
Speaker Profile Studying 3rd sem BMSCE mech
Click here to download the slides.

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