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Talk Details

Speaker Name V S Somasundaram
Talk Title Virtual Network Computing in Linux
Track /adm/admin_tools
Class Advance
Scope Technical
Synopsis In my talk I would be addressing issues about Virtual Network Computing, which makes it possible for us to work on a windows machine from a Linux desktop. The remote machine running a OS (may it be windows95/98/NT, Linux etc) is viewed as a desktop on your Linux box. This talk will also discuss about, to what extent the implementation of VNC is possible.
Points 1> What is VNC? 2> The concept behind VNC and how it works? 3> What it can achieve? 4> VNC implementation.
Speaker Profile I am a B.E Computer Science graduate who passed out this year from the University Of Madras. I have an years experience in Linux (Red Hat Linux). Currently I am doing a Linux Network administration course in one of the IBM authorized training centers.
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