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Talk Details

Speaker Name VaibhaV Sharma
Company Exocore Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Talk Title Low Cost ISP setup - a case study
Track /adm/services
Class Introductory
Scope Technical
Synopsis Putting up an Internet service provider setup sounds big and expensive. But there are ways to bring down the cost of the setup itself by using day to day networking equipment. This talk is essentially a case study referring to a cable ISP operational in bangalore with 400+ users and growing.
Points - Reasons for being an ISP - Factors involved in setting up an ISP - Case study sample - a Cable ISP in bangalore - The background of the organisation - Technical specifications of the network - Day to day problems / solutions being used. etc.
Speaker Profile Working as a network consultant with exocore consulting Pvt. Ltd. Have a couple of years of experience in setting up and maintaining intranet setups. Have set up / maintained the mentioned ISP setup from scratch.
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