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Talk Details

Speaker Name Dr U B Pavanaja
Company Vishva Kannada Softech
Talk Title Font Standards and the Indian Context
Track /ind
Class Introductory
Scope General
Synopsis Indian Languages (IL) have not been used widely compared to English in India eventhough only about 5-8% of the population is good at English. One of the reasons is the lack of Font standards for Indian Languages. Govt of India has standardised storage codes for IL in the form of ISCII and left out font stndard. Only Karnataka Govt has standardised font glyph sets for Kannada. Recently MAIT has taken some steps to stndardise IL font glyph sets. Font standard is something to be done at warfooting for the penetration of IL in IT.
Points Different code standards -ASCII, ISCII, Unicode for storage. The concepts behind IL computing, the relation between storage code and display codes. The uniqueness of IL. The need for font standards. Different types of fonts. Karnataka Govt standard for keyboard, font glyph sets, langauge processing, Unicode, etc. Some links and pointers to tools for font related utilities.
Speaker Profile Master of Science from Mysore Univ. PhD from Mumbai Univ. ex-scientist at BARC, Mumbai. Post-doctoral research at Taiwan. Member of Kannada Ganaka Parishat (KGP), a voluntary organisation for the standardisation and usage of Kannada in IT. Member of the technical advisary panel of Govt of Karnataka on standardisation and implementation of Kannada on computers. Involved with the FREE Kannada Script Software developed by KGP for Govt of Karnataka.
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