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Talk Details

Speaker Name P G Diwakar
Talk Title Linux - Present and Future at RRSSC-ISRO
Track /cxo/who
Class Advance
Scope Technical
Synopsis Linux being a open environment has tremendous possibilities for taking many new technologies related to digital image processing and geographic information system. Attempts have just begun at our ISRO centres to develop and customize new and advanced algorithms for image analysis using sophisticated pattern recognition and image enhancement algorithms. Also, grphics intensive tools related GIS is yet another area where there is lot of scope to harness. Various jobs already carried out and future plans for development and target users for such packages on linux platform will be the coverage.
Points Digital Image Processing Geographic Information System Graphic tools for the above development efforts. Satellite data download interface and dessimination of such packages to the needy users in linux platform
Speaker Profile Scientist, RRSSC-CMO, ISRO Worked for past 17 years in ISRO Specialised in Development of Image processing algorithms Published more than 50 national and internation papers

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