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Talk Details

Speaker Name Harshwardhan Mittal
Company IT-BHU
Talk Title Free S/Wan VPN using IPSec in linux
Track /adm/security
Class Introductory
Scope Technical
Synopsis IPSec (IP Security) is the security architecture for speakers-hold: Performance evaluation of Free S/Wan VPN using I (p3 of 5) Internet. It provides methods for establishing and assuring Privacy, Integrity, Authenticity, Non repudiation, etc. Security related services. As Internet is growing up into a global market, these features are becoming more and more critical. In e-commerce the issue of information security is paramount. Now a days trend is toward mobility. The mobile nodes connect to the Internet via wireless technologies so the bandwidth available is limited. Further the computing capacity of mobile nodes may be small. Security is much more critical in the case of Mobile IP as with the mobility the chances of attacks increase due to external environment. As nothing comes free IPSec involves its own overhead. There are many weak and strong algorithms supported by IPSec. So before choosing any security solution it becomes necessary to examine the benefits provide by different algorithms and overhead corresponding to them. Free S/WAN is an ipsec implementation for linux which is free and iteroperable with various security softwares like firewalls and other IPSec implementations. So it is a good choice for VPN. I will discuss some performance issues related to it.
Points What is VPN and IPSec? Issues related to the performance. Possible choices and their overheads. Architecture of Free S/wan? How to use it for establishing VPN? A simple possible configuration. Advantages of linux VPN solution.
Speaker Profile Presently studying in B-TECH final yr. Computer Engg. at Institute of technology, Varanasi, India. Practical exposure:- I have conducted some tests for the performance evaluation of Free S/Wan ipsec implementation for linux at "Centre for wireless communications", National University of Singapore. Currently working on Handoff protocol optimization for Mobile ATM in Deptt. of Electrical Engg ITBHU.
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