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J.N.Tata Auditorium, Bangalore, India
December 3, 4 & 5, 2002

Linux Bangalore/2002 is a three day conference on understanding and using Linux technologies. This conference aims to cover a large number of areas that include Core Linux technologies, Open Source, Embedded Systems and other allied technologies. (Click here for a list of talks)

Feel free to explore this website to find out more about the event, and how you can participate as a speaker, delegate, volunteer, exhibitor or sponsor!

Interested in seeing some Live Delegate Registration Statistics?

Latest Linux Bangalore/2002 News:

Slideshow downloads fixed
[09-Jan-2003 12:20PM]

There was an issue with the download procedure for the slideshows - this has been fixed now. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

LWN recognises LB/2002 in timeline!
[21-Dec-2002 09:35PM]

Linux Weekly News has included LB/2002 as a milestone event for 2002 in their Annual Linux Timeline! Look under the month of December.

Slideshows now available for download
[20-Dec-2002 11:28PM]

The slideshows for the talks at LB/2002 are now (mostly) available for download.

To get them, hit the Schedules page and click on the talk you are interested in, then select the format you want (OpenOffice SXI or PowerPoint PPT) from the next screen.

Some slideshows are not yet available because the speakers are claiming "company confidentiality", and couple of them still have formatting problems and will be put up later.

More photos!
[14-Dec-2002 07:42PM]

Two more big sets of photos online in the photos section.

We request anyone who took photos at the event to contact us so that we can add their snaps to the gallery.

First photos up
[10-Dec-2002 06:41PM]

The first "few" photos are up here. ENjoy.

This is only the first raw set. More are coming. If anyone used his/her digital camera during the show, please let us have the URL or send us the pictures.

BTW - if you are looking for pictures of the Phenom show - they are on their site.

And it is done!
[07-Dec-2002 03:14PM]

OK, the event is over. It was a stupendous success, making last year look like a boy-scout meet ;-)

Now give us a couple of days to get the reports, the photos, the slides, etc. online.

Government of India endorses LB/2002!
[29-Nov-2002 06:44PM]

The Bangalore Linux User Group is happy to announce that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, has formally endorsed Linux Bangalore/2002 and is now a sponsor of the event.

The formal letter to this effect can be seen here, and a message from Shri Rajeeva Ratna Shah, Secretary, Department of Information Technology, MCIT, Government of India, can be seen here.

Given recent events, this endorsement was unexpected, but warmly welcomed, and it warms our hearts to know that we have our government on our side.

We sincerely thank the Government for its support.

First Schedule up!
[27-Nov-2002 09:41PM]

The first talks schedule is up! Have a look!

This scheduling effort beat all records - we sat for SIXTEEN HOURS in one stretch on this!

A final revised schedule will be up soon, but it will not be very different from the current one.

All work and no play? No way!
[25-Nov-2002 07:00PM]

On December 5th, after the closing ceremony of the event, we have a special treat in store for you:

Phenom, Bangalore's award-winning amateur rock group, will be performing live on the JN Tata auditorium stage!

Prepare to be rocked, as Gaurav, Sashi, Noella, JD and the BLUG's very own Mrinal Kalakrishnan take you on a trip you aren't going to forget in a hurry!

We can promise you this: it's gonna be loud, it's gonna be snappy, it's gonna be fun and it's gonna be free (as a bird ;).

Click here to learn more about the group and its members.

p.s. Entrance for registered delegates, volunteers and speakers only. Limited to seating/standing/floating capacity of the JN Tata Auditorium. That should be a thousand people or so ;-)

Sound by Acoustic Control

IBM becomes LB/2002's Gold Sponsor!
[22-Nov-2002 11:53PM]

The Bangalore Linux User Group is happy to announce the second of its sponsors:

IBM has confirmed its Gold Sponsorship for Linux Bangalore/2002!

IBM has, in the past, been a great supporter of the Linux Community's efforts, and we would like to thank them sincerely for their continuing support of the Linux and OpenSource community.

HP becomes LB/2002's Platinum Sponsor!
[19-Nov-2002 02:21PM]

The Bangalore Linux User Group is happy to announce the first of its sponsors:

Hewlett Packard (HP) has confirmed its Platinum Sponsorship for Linux Bangalore/2002!

Click here for the official sponsorship confirmation letter.

This is the second year that HP has decided to stand by the BLUG by sponsoring the event, and we would like to thank them sincerely for their continuing and consistent support of the Linux and OpenSource community and its efforts.

Registration statistics available
[15-Nov-2002 01:47AM]

A bit of PHP and MySQL magic (plus a lot of hard work by Kingsly) allows us to offer you something you probably havent ever seen before - live statistics of registered delegates, with a complete analysis!

Check out the CDRS stats that are updated every hour, allowing you to see what kind of audiences we are gathering.

Volunteer Guide up
[14-Nov-2002 02:46PM]

Pradyumna Sampath has written a Volunteer Guide, based on his experiences as a volunteer at last year's event. Check it out!

First list of talks is up
[14-Nov-2002 02:21PM]

The first list of volunteered talks is now up - click here to have a look.

This is so that people can see what talks have been volunteered, identify any overlaps/clashes and of course topics not yet addressed.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a list of accepted talks - this is a list of *volunteered* talks as of 14-Nov-2002.

A second list will appear in a few days (after people have modified and added talks).

Note that talks registration has *not* closed - if you want to volunteer a talk, go for it - click here!

Exhibition Details now available
[12-Nov-2002 08:25PM]

The details of the LB/2002 exhibition are now available. Please note that stalls S3/S4/S5 are reserved for the Platinum Sponsor, S1/S2 for the Gold Sponsor and S6 for the Silver Sponsor.

Also please note carefully the conditions of the exhibition.

In addtion, we have added a new section to the website for the Exhibition which will list details on exhibits and exhibitors shortly before the event starts.

Delegate Registration System now open!
[11-Nov-2002 04:51PM]

The LB/2002 Conference Delegate Registration System just opened its doors! Head there *now* to register yourself!

Speaker Guide up
[10-Nov-2002 06:04PM]

Atul's notorious "Guidelines for speakers" has been made into a guide - you can now read it here

50 Talks registered so far
[07-Nov-2002 09:08AM]

As of the 6th of November, 50 talks have been registered, and more are coming in every day.

More updates
[01-Nov-2002 12:12AM]

The latest update is now available - click here.

Things are progressing as planned. However, due to the long weekend (including today - Friday - in Karnataka), expect some slacking off until next Tuesday, as the country celebrates Deepavali.

A Happy Deepavali to all!

Talk Status
[29-Oct-2002 01:04PM]

As of this morning, almost 30 talks have been registered! Not bad! Keep them coming, folks!

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