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National Science Seminar Complex
Sir C.V.Raman Avenue
(Across the street from Indian Institute of Science)

Phones: +91 80 309-2236 and +91 80 309-2917

  • Maps

    From Malleshwaram 18th Cross Bus Terminus

    From Mekhri Circle

    If you want a map of the entire Bangalore City, Click Here

  • By Bus

    Bangalore has a good public bus service. You can reach J N Tata or the Malleshwaram 18th Cross Bus Terminus from any where in the city via bus.

    The bus routes are :

    1. From Bangalore Bus Stand ( Majestic ) or Railway Station :
      To Malleshwaram 18th Cross Bus Terminus :
      Platform No : 24
      Bus Route No : 98

    2. More routes coming up.

  • By City Taxi

    These are a very convenient and comfortable option, but city taxies are slightly more expensive. These taxis are Maruti Omni Vans. Other than that, they are quite fast.

    The fares are not that huge. It could cost you Rs. 50 for travelling from the Bangalore Bus Stand ( Majestic ) to J N Tata Auditorium.
    The actual rates are Rs 35 for 4 km ( kilometers ) (minimum) and Rs 9 for every extra kilometer.

    You need to call the following numbers for availing this service.

      City Taxis 91-80-348 7191 91-80-348 7192
      Radio Taxis 91-80-332 1052 91-80-332 7589
      Spot Taxis 91-80-551 0000
      Roman Taxis 91-80-548 6606 91-80-548 6616
      Garden City Taxis 91-80-343 7646 91-80-343 4274

    Please note : If you are at J N Tata and want to go somewhere else, you need to call : 352 3636

  • By Auto Rickshaw (Three Wheeler)

    Oh! Boy, you ought to ride one of these. These are 3 wheelers and will bring you from anywhere to J N Tata Auditorium.

    They are pretty cheap. For a ride from Bangalore Bus Stand ( Majestic / Railway Station ) the fare should be about Rs. 20.

    If you are new to India, you may want to know how to hire one of these three wheelers.

    When you see an auto, just wave to the driver and he should stop.

    Never ask the driver whether he would kindly take you to the destination - all Bangaloreans know that this is asking for trouble!

    Sit in the auto rikshaw, make yourself comfortable, then (without batting an eyelid) say "IISc (Indian Institute of Science), J.N.Tata Hall", then look nonchalently out of the door on your left, having done your duty of telling him where you want to go.

    BEWARE!! : Please ensure that the driver puts the fare-meter flag down, and that you pay the fares ONLY according to the auto meter. There are no conversion charts applicable!

You are advised to print this page and carry it with you

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