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This year, the BLUG has decided to add an exhibition to the event.

The purpose of the exhibition is to allow commercial vendors to exhibit products and/or services that work with, or work on, opensource platforms such as Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc.

The exhibition will be visited by an audience whose demographics will be similar to that seen at last year's event - Click here to see last year's demographics.

Exhibits and exhibitors will be listed in Exhibition section of this website shortly before the event begins.

Stall Sizes and Details

The exhibition stalls will be standard 3m x 3m shells, and will include:
  • 3 Spotlights
  • 1 Universal Plug Point (5 amp)
  • 1 Table + 1 Cloth + 1 Frill
  • 2 Chairs
  • Blue Facia
  • Carpet


Each 3m x 3m exhibition stall will be charged at Rs.30,000 as a consolidated rental for the three days of the event. The amount is payable in advance by Demand Draft to Bangalore Linux User Group. No booking will be accepted without the accompanying payment.


Below is the map of the area, showing the stalls.

Legend: S1-S5 - Sponsor Stalls, A1-A4/B1-B6/C1-C5 - Available stalls, T1-T4 - OpenSource Projects Stalls.


Confirmed Exhibitors will be allowed to start setting up their stalls from 5pm on the 2nd of December, 2002.

Rules and Regulations

This exhibition is primarily aimed at demonstrating products/services that work with Linux and/or other OpenSource technologies.

Products not related to Linux and/or OpenSource technologies are not suitable for exhibition.

Examples of a suitable product:

  • A closed source or OpenSource product that works on Linux, FreeBSD or OpenBSD.

  • A Windows-based product that interacts directly with OpenSource products.

Example of a suitable service:

  • An Internet Service Provider demonstrating how his service can be used by Linux/FreeBSD/OpenBSD users.

Example of an unsuitable product:
  • A product that only works under Windows, and does not interact with Linux or any other OpenSource technologies, nor has any relevance to these platforms.

To ensure that the context of the exhibition is maintained, all applications for stalls *must* be accompanied by details of what the applicant will be exhibiting.


Due to limited availability of Stalls, Stall requests will be prioritised on the basis of their relevance to the Event, followed by receipt of payment.

The BLUG reserves the right to approve/reject stall requests without any explanation whatsoever.

To book a stall, please click here.

For any queries, please use the contact form.

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