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Bangalore, August 25th, 2002:

The Bangalore Linux User Group today announced that India's premier Linux and Opensource event - Linux Bangalore/2002 - will be held on December 3-5, 2002, in Bangalore, India.

LB/2002 follows the unquestioned success of last year's event (Linux Bangalore/2001), which saw the participation of thousands of particpants, attending more than 60 talks by both Indian and foreign speakers.

The event will again feature numerous talks, workshops and panel discussions, exposing developers, users, corporate IT decision makers and government agencies to the lates in Linux and OpenSource based technologies and developments.

Speakers are drawn from the industry as well as the development community from across India and abroad.

The BLUG announced that, in addition to the technical and orientational talks, the event will this year include an exhibition to allow organisations to present Linux and OpenSource based solutions.

BLUG coordinator Kingsly John said that the entire event was conceived and managed by a group of managers drawn from the BLUG.

The event would be funded by sponsors. "We will be approaching giants such as HP, IBM, Wipro, Infosys and the Tatas, who, like a majority of the industry today, have an extremely heavy involvement with Linux" said BLUG advisor Atul Chitnis. Last year's event received unprecedented sponsor interest from HP ISO, who funded the entire event.

About the Bangalore Linux Users Group

The Bangalore Linux Users Group or the BLUG is a group of Linux users in Bangalore.

Started in 1994, the BLUG became a registered non-profit, voluntary organisation in 2000. It works to promote Linux and OpenSource technologies, and has thousands of members.

The BLUG has a lot of activities - apart from the tech-talks at every meet, it also participates in most IT-related event that takes place in in Bangalore, and often coordinates with other LUGs in India to ensure that India knows all about Linux!

The BLUG has previously organized the Linux-India community's presence at IT.Com '99, IT.Com '2000, and Wrox Press' Bang!inux 2000 and 2001. Thanks to the participation by the community in these events, facilitated by the BLUG, Linux no longer remains just another concept, but is on the way to becoming a very popular Indian operating system. At IT.Com'99, various Indian Linux user groups, with the Bangalore Linux user group at their center, were educating businesses and engineers about Linux. The purpose was served as was seen in IT.Com'2000.

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About Linux Bangalore/2002

Like LB/2001, the conference covers interest areas in Linux technology and development. There are over 50 sessions in five parallel tracks with an equal number of national and international speakers. Speakers are a mix of technologists, Linux developers, Systems experts and evangelists fro India and abroad.

The technology showcase is a new addition in LB/2002. The showcase will consist of an exposition of Linux technologies and products from the industry.

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About Linux Bangalore/2001

Linux Bangalore/2001 was a three day conference on understanding and using Linux technologies. This conference covered a large number of areas that included Core Linux technologies, Open Source, Embedded Systems and other allied technologies. Linux Bangalore/2001 drew participation from many user groups in India.

The primary audience for this event were the core (or potential) Linux-using community of developers (/dev), system administrators (/adm), users (/usr) and CxO/Managers/Decision makers (/cxo).

More than 3000 delegates and over 60 speakers attended the Conference. Linux Bangalore/2001 was sponsored by Hewlett Packard (India Software Operations).


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