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Date 3rd Dec 2002

Time JN Tata (750) Hall A (120) Hall B (90) Hall C (60) CSIC (250)
10:00am-11:00am Welcome and Opening Ceremony


11:00am-12:00pm Linux - Open for Business

Subrahmanyam Vempati
Hewlett Packard

12:00pm-1:00pm Linux is ready for the Enterprise!

Kalpana Margabandhu

Lunch Break
2:00pm-3:00pm Linux Supercomputing Clusters with HP Itanium2 - Early experiences

R. Balasubramanian
Hewlett Packard India
C programming under Linux

Naba Kumar
Belzabar Software Development India Pvt Ltd.
TCO Using Linux Servers

K.Siva Koti Reddy
Wipro Technologies
OpenSource for eGovernance: A Business Case

Dr.Mary Mathew and Gopi Krishna S Garge
Indian Institute of Science & Exocore Consulting
Linux Potential for Embedded and Real Time Applications

K. Sebikumar
Wipro Technologies
3:00pm-4:00pm Penguin on Big Iron - Linux on Mainframes (IBM S/390)

Srikrishnan Sundararajan
IBM Global Services India Limited
GUI Programming using XLib.

Karthik N Parashar
Larsen & Toubro
An Introduction to Open Source Software Licences

Biju Chacko
BC Consulting
EGovernance: OpenSource Solutions

Atul Chitnis
Exocore Consulting (P) Ltd.
Programming For the Encore-Simputer

Samyeer Metrani
Encore Software Limited
4:00pm-5:00pm Carrier Grade Linux for Networking/Telecom Platform

Manoj Dey
Intel Corp, NSD
Introduction to Qt programming

Nitish Jaisoor
Infosys Technologies, Ltd.
Licensing concerns in reuse of Free/Open Source Software

Gopi Krishna S Garge
Exocore Consulting P Ltd
Tux goes to school

Arvind Yadav
Online Productivity Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Experiences with embedding Linux on a handheld device

5:00pm-6:00pm Linux in Robotics

Mrinal Kalakrishnan and Jnaneshwar Das
PES Institute of Technology
Introduction to GTK Programming

Naba Kumar
Belzabar Software Development India Pvt Ltd.
Implementing Linux/Exim based system for Banks Mail Gateway

Varadaraja Iyer
Geographical Information System(GIS) 'GRASS' on Linux Platform

Bijon B Shaha
Electronics Test & Development Centre
An Introduction to Network Security in Embdded Devices

Chitra Balakrishnan . Hema Bhargavi M.S.
ERNET/IISc & Bluefont Technologies Pvt Ltd

Discussion: GUI Programming


Discussion: Embedded Linux


Date 4th Dec 2002

Time JN Tata (750) Hall A (120) Hall B (90) Hall C (60) CSIC (250)
10:00am-11:00am YAP2APE - Yet Another Preaching to achieve personal excellence

Brij Sethi
Hewlett Packard

11:00am-12:00pm Shared Source Implementation of .NET

Tarun Anand
Security and Privacy with IPv6

Jayachandra K
Hewlett packard

Weitse Venema's Postfix

Suraj V. Shankar
Yukthi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Security -- An introduction

Devdas Bhagat
12:00pm-1:00pm .NET on Linux

Vinod Unny
Enterprise InfoTech
IPv6 Routing in Linux

Mahendra M
Infosys Technologies Ltd
Programming Dual Interface Applications in Perl

Kenneth Gonsalves
Intranet - News Server

Devi Information Systems
DDos - Detection and Prevention

Kalyan Varma Alluri
Yahoo! Inc
Lunch Break
2:00pm-3:00pm The OpenSource Corporate Desktop

Atul Chitnis
Exocore Consulting (P) Ltd.
Developing a DHCPv6 server & Client on Linux

Swaroop Krishnamurthy, Nikhil U Moorthy, Mehnaz Farooqui
Aditi Technologies, IT Solutions & Infosys
Porting STREAMS Driver to Linux.

Sanjeeva Manvi
Hewlett Packard
Accessibility - Equal Access to Free Software

Hema Seetharamaiah
Wipro Technologies
Email server security

Devdas Bhagat
3:00pm-4:00pm (TBA)

Developing a Tiny IPv6 stack for The Embedded Linux

Pooja Nagpal
Artificial Neural Network for Image Classification using GIMP

Naresh Jain
DSL Software Limited
Internationalization (i18n) in Linux

Karunakar Guntupalli
Security With SSH

V S Somasundaram
Webstix Design Pvt Ltd
4:00pm-5:00pm Content Management Systems in Linux

Kishore Bhargava and Gurunandan Bhat
Linkaxis Technologies/Goa University&Synapse
Secure Coding/Programming in Linux/Unix

Kalyan Varma Alluri
Yahoo! Inc
Supercomputing and Linux

Manu Konchady
Localization of Linux in Indian languages - Current Status and Future

Karunakar Guntupalli
Linux VPN solutions for SME

Chetan Kumar S
Wipro Technologies

Education SIG Meet


Localization SIG meet

Discussion: Security


Date 5th Dec 2002

Time JN Tata (750) Hall A (120) Hall B (90) Hall C (60) CSIC (250)
10:00am-11:00am Oracle on Linux

Gurunandan R. Bhat
Goa University & Synapse
An introduction to Python

Biju Chacko
BC Consulting
Network Management/Monitoring Systems

Ravi Ananth Giri K
Ishoni Networks
Is the Linux Desktop for you?

Swati Sani
Analysis of Kernel Locking Mechanisms for Linux Kernel Programming

Dr. B. Thangaraju
Wipro Technologies
11:00am-12:00pm PostgreSQL an Introduction

Ze Omega Infotect Pvt Ltd
Zope - A complete insight

Debojit Hazarika
Ze Omega Infotect Pvt Ltd
Implementing 'Single Sign On' (SSO) Solution using Linux and OpenLDAP

Shanker Balan
Exocore Consulting
Running Win32 applications under Linux.(using Wine)

Kingsly John
Kingsly Dot Net
Memory Management in the Linux Kernel

Infosys Technologies,Bangalore
12:00pm-1:00pm Advanced Server Side Programming with PostgreSQL

Gurunandan R. Bhat
Goa University & Synapse
Opensource in bioinformatics : cooking with zope, python and a lot of 'free'dom

Vineeth Shivani Sandeep
Institute of Bioinformatics (The Genomic Research Trust)
Automating Linux Mass Installs with Kickstart

Vinod Unny
Enterprise InfoTech
LaTeX : Document Preparation in Linux

Manu Bhardwaj and Hareesh Nagarajan
PESIT, Bangalore and RVCE, Bangalore
Read-Copy-Update mutual exclusion - in Linux Kernel 2.5

Maneesh Soni
IBM Global Services India Ltd
Lunch Break

Linux Distributions & Standards

Kishore Bhargava
Linkaxis Technologies
PHP for the first timer

Pradyumna Sampath
BMS College Of Engineering
An introduction to Forth

Wipro Technologies
Design of Dynamic per-cpu kernel memory allocator

Ravikiran G Thirumalai

Using anjuta for C programming

Naba Kumar
Belzabar Software Development India Pvt Ltd.
Implementing web services using PHP

Dr Tarique Sani
Linker and Loaders

Sandeep Grover
QuickLogic India
Portable approach to dispatching machine contexts in user-level in Linux

Ganesh S
Wipro Technologies

Kylix 3 Open Edition - First C++ RAD Tool For Linux

Nitin Stephen Koshy
Shell scripting in Linux

Kartik N
Journey of a packet

Mahendra M
Infosys Technologies Ltd
Thread scheduling in the Linux Kernel

Patanjali Somayaji
Codito Technologies
5:30pm-6:30pm Closing Ceremony and Final BLUG Meet


6:30pm-8:00pm Rock for Freedom

Rock Show

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