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Speaker Name Tarun Anand
Company Microsoft
Talk Title Shared Source Implementation of .NET
Track Development
Scope Technical
Synopsis Understand the internals of “Rotor”- The Shared Source implementation of CLR and C#. With over 9,000 files, and including some 1300 public classes to pore through, the Shared Source CLI can teach you quite a bit about the internal workings of the CLR. Learn how to install and setup “Rotor” on FreeBSD/Linux. Explore the Platform Adoption Layer (PAL) of Rotor which isolates the CLI from the underlying platform and makes .NET runtime truly "platform independent".
Speaker Profile Tarun Anand graduated with a B.Tech in Computer Science in 1994 from IIT Kanpur. Subsequently, he did his M.S. at University of Texas at Austin. Tarun Anand has been working with Microsoft for the last seven years. He has been on the design and implementation teams of several MS products including Windows NT and 2000, DCOM, COM+ and most recently the Common Language Runtime. He holds several patents in the field of distributed systems.
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