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Speaker Name Srikrishnan Sundararajan
Company IBM Global Services India Limited
Talk Title Penguin on Big Iron - Linux on Mainframes (IBM S/390)
Track Emerging Technologies
Scope Technical
Synopsis Starting with an introduction to Mainframes covering S/390 and Virtual Machine(VM), the talk will focus on the benefits, usage and installation of Linux as a Guest operating system on a VM on S/390. It is intended to help any Developer or System Administrator familiar with Linux to install, operate and develop on Linux on VM. Practical difficulties during the installation and porting on to Linux on S/390 and troubleshooting during the normal course of operation shall be dealt with. While no knowledge of S/390 or VM is required, it is assumed that the audience are familiar with Linux usage/installation in general. The talk will delve into S/390 terminology only as little as required by a Linux Developer/Administrator for performing the basic operations. The talk will also bring out how Linux on S/390 makes sound business sense in terms of Server consolidation and lower TCO.

Target Audience: Any Linux enthusiast will find the talk useful including Developers, Linux Administrators, Managers of IT/MIS Departments and Students.

Outline of presentation:
Overview of S/390 and VM
Benefits of running Linux on VM.
Linux on S/390 - Modes of operation
What's inside a S/390? - Architecture Overview

For Developers:
Differences between intel i386 and s390
Tips for porting on to Linux on S/390
Free access to Linux on Mainframe

For Linux Administrators:
Preparing VM for installing Linux as Guest OS
Steps in Installing Linux on VM
Getting around Linux on S/390 - Troubleshooting

References and pointers for further info
Speaker Profile Srikrishnan has been working in software development and maintenance in areas like Linux Internals, Systems Management and Java-based e-Business. As part of IBM's Linux Technology Center, he is currently involved in fixing bugs in the Linux Kernel and also in the testing of IBM's Journalling File System(JFS) for Linux on S/390.
Srikrishnan holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University.
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