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Speaker Name Mrinal Kalakrishnan and Jnaneshwar Das
Company PES Institute of Technology
Talk Title Linux in Robotics
Track Emerging Technologies
Scope Technical
Synopsis The talk will be centered around Omnibot, an AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) that moves by finding it\'s own path without human intervention. The robot is controlled by a Linux box, using RTLinux for realtime control over the motors and sonar module, and an
interface coded in gtkmm2.
Speaker Profile Jnaneshwar Das is a 5th Semester student of Telecom Engg at PESIT. He has been into robotics since childhood and has given various talks about "Robotics and Interfacing".

Mrinal Kalakrishnan is a 5th Semester student of Telecom Engg at PESIT. He has been a Linux user and enthusiast for quite a few years, and has given talks at the BLUG and LB/2001.
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