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Speaker Name Naba Kumar
Company Belzabar Software Development India Pvt Ltd.
Talk Title C programming under Linux
Track Development
Scope General
Synopsis The talk highlights the basic steps needed to prepare for the programming adventure under linux. It's not about leaning C, which we already do in our schools or colleges, but rather about fighting the frustrations, sense of getting lost in pool of C resources or difficulties faced when migrating from other programming environments (like windows) to Linux.

Speaker Profile Naba Kumar is the author and lead developer of Anuta IDE (http // and a GNOME foundation member. He is an open source enthusiast and has been working for open source development for many years since the early days of GNOME (a desktop environment for Linux).

His significant contribution to the open source community is the development of Anjuta, which is a powerful open sourced Integrated Development Environment for Linux. Besides Anjuta, he also keeps his toes dipped in other GNOME related developments.

He is currently working as an engineer in a software company, but likes to work for open source development during his leisure time.

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