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Speaker Name Swaroop Krishnamurthy, Nikhil U Moorthy, Mehnaz Farooqui
Company Aditi Technologies, IT Solutions & Infosys
Talk Title Developing a DHCPv6 server & Client on Linux
Track Development
Scope Technical
Synopsis Abstract

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) has evolved from BOOTP and RARP on networks that had diskless nodes that used a server to boot from. This was the era of centralised computing. With the proliferation of distributed computing (DC), a protocol like DHCP was needed. DHCP addresses the resource boot strap needs of such a DC environment, which sought centralised resource management.

Recently, the Internet Protocol (IP) has made sufficient changes to the basic protocol and a new version, IPv6 is standardised and available. There is a need to extend the functionality of DHCP to IPv6 based networks too. However, there is a basic difference in the way IPv6 infrastructure work compared to IPv4 infrastructure – significantly no ARP !

The presentation is targeted at systems administrators and developers. The talk is divided into two parts. The first part starts with a brief focus on the evolution of DHCP from older protocols, covers its basic functionality, mentions the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 mechanisms and ends with a brief exposure to the current DHCPv6 Internet draft. The second part of the talk starts with the design decisions that went into coding the DHCPv6 server and client on Linux, the experiences in coding, the choices made (threads or no threads), usage of timers and ends with a demonstration (if permitted onstage) of the alpha version of this code.
Speaker Profile This talk is intended to be covered by three speakers. All three speakers are involved in an effort to develop an open source implementation of the DHCPv6 protocol in Linux. The following is a brief profile of each of the speakers

Nikhil U Moorthy is a B.E in Computer Science from the Visweshwaraiah Institute of Technology. He is a software engineer working at IT Solutions, Bangalore. His basic interest is in the broad area of Computer Networking and IPv6.He plans to register for a PhD programme, shortly.

Mehnaz Farooqui is a B.E in Computer Science from the Visweshwaraiah Institute of Technology.currently employed at Infosys Technologies, Bangalore as a software engineer. Her areas of interest are Computer Networking, studying IPv6 deployment problems and Database applications on main frames.

Swaroop Krishnamurthy is a B.E in Computer Science from the Visweshwaraiah Institute of Technology, currently employed at Aditi Technologies. His interests are in software systems design, Internet software and Networking Technologies.

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