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Speaker Name Naresh Jain
Company DSL Software Limited
Talk Title Artificial Neural Network for Image Classification using GIMP
Track Development
Scope Technical
Synopsis Artificial Neural Networks is the latest trend in computing community for solving Non-Linearly separable problems. When the image data is available in digital format, Digital Image Processing and Analysis may be performed using techniques like Artificial Neural Networks with the help of Image manipulation tools like GNU Image Manipulation Program(GIMP).

Having developed the "ANN Image Classifier", a GIMP Plugin using C++ & GTKmm for ISRO as the final semester B.E project, this talk will mainly focus on functionality of this GIMP plug-in & how to go about writing one and the advantages of using GTKmm & C++ for it's implementation.

A brief overview of Artificial Neural Networks is included to help in understanding the functionality of the Plug-in. The plug-in provides the users with the facility to train the Neural network by selecting areas on the image and labeling them. The selection & labeling functionalities provided by GIMP will be highlighted here. This trained Neural Network will, henceforth, be used to classify other image data provided by the user. The plug-in provides statistics of the target area using this classification.

Keywords: Artificial neural networks, Multi-layer back propagation Technique, Generalized Delta Rule, GIMP plug-in, Digital Image Classification, GTKmm & C++.
Speaker Profile Is a B.E, Infomation Science & Engg Graduate from B.M.S college of Engg. Has worked as a part-time training faculty for computer training center called Netlogic. He got selected through campus interviews in DSL & is currently working for DSL as a developer. Has completed the final semester project for RRSSC, ISRO on Linux platform & Artificial Neural Network under the able guidance of Mr.P.G.Diwakar, Scientist, IRSO. The project was entitled "Image Classification Using Artificial Neural Network" & was developed in C++ & GTKmm as a Plug-in for GIMP.
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