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Speaker Name Manu Konchady
Company Self-Employed
Talk Title Supercomputing and Linux
Track Development
Scope General
Synopsis This talk will describe the use of Linux in Supercomputing applications. Topics will include the Beowulf architecture and the software/tools to run applications on such machines. The components of a Beowulf and steps to build a supercomputer will be discussed.

The choice of OS, hardware, and software will be compared. The types of network devices and protocols that can be used in a Beowulf and the issues involved in installing and maintaing a Beowulf will be described.

The 2 popular protocols, PVM and MPI will be briefly described. The difficulties in converting a sequential program to parallel program as well as perform
ance analysis of parallel programs will be shown.

Finally, the talk will include with a short description of Grid computing and its applications.
Speaker Profile Ported an ocean model from vector supercomputers to several parallel architectures at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Currently, developing platform independent software to manage documents distributed over the Web and locally.

Completed a master's degree in Computer Science from Clemson University in 1985 and a PhD in Information Technology from George Mason University in 1996.

Worked for several organizations (Mitre, IBM, NASA) as a consultant developing software on a variety of hardware ranging from PCs to supercomputers.

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