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Speaker Name Manu Bhardwaj and Hareesh Nagarajan
Company PESIT, Bangalore and RVCE, Bangalore
Talk Title LaTeX : Document Preparation in Linux
Track Users and Applications
Scope General
Synopsis Most of us end up using Windows for document preparation. This talk will cover the usage of LaTeX for creating professionally styled documents and will show how LaTeX can replace your word processor (Eg. M$ Of*ice). The talk's aim is to be productive ASAP, stressing on the non-WYSIWYG approach of LaTeX.

We will take an example of a typical final year engineering Project Report and describe the procedure for producing it as a portable PS/PDF/DVI file.
Speaker Profile TWO SPEAKERS

1. Manu Bhardwaj
- is a 3rd year Computer Science Engineering student at PESIT, Bangalore.
- has used GNU/Linux on his desktop for two years now, and is proficient at troubleshooting on the OS; currently on Debian Sid with his own version of kernel 2.4.18
- is currently doing a project on electrical circuits at IISc (deals with Fortran and electrical circuits)
- spoke at BLUG July 2002 meet on IPv6 with Kalyan Varma

2. Hareesh Nagarajan
- is doing his 5th Semester B.E in Computer Science at R.V. College of Engineering
- has a desktop at home that runs on RHLinux 7.3
- has won Info Tech Quizzes at TCS, IBM, IISc, IEEE, IIT Madras, IIM-B, PESIT, SIT Tumkur, etc etc.
- did a month long project at C-DAC Bangalore, to understand the implementation issues on an RTOS. Developed a TIme Consistent database in QNX.The project report for the above project was prepared using pdfLaTeX.
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