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Speaker Name Karunakar Guntupalli
Talk Title Internationalization (i18n) in Linux
Track Emerging Technologies
Scope Technical
Synopsis In present day scenario where market for software product is whole world. Its of vital importance that a software product be able to take care of regional / language specific issues. In short, Internationalization is the process of designing an application so that it can be adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes or recompilation of code. The term Internationalization is abbreviated as i18n, because there are 18 letters between the first \"i\" and the last \"n.\"

This talk will focus of i18n aspects in Linux (for that matter any *nix) platform, with specific focus on using opensource tools and Indian languages. Products enabled for Indian languages will spurn next big IT revolution in India

This talk is for Hackers/Developers/CIOs who are using Opensource technologies for software development and want to learn about i18n with focus on Indian languages.
Speaker Profile Speaker is a volunteer at Indian Linux Project ( http // ). He has built up considerable experience in i18n & l10n areas of Linux, and Indian language issues. Based on this he has been working towards a making a fully Indian language enable Linux distribution. Speaker is currently coordinating Gnome 2 Hindi translations and also active in KDE localization. He is also a volunteer in many localization groups primarily leading at IndLinux ( ), Malayalam Linux ( https // ), Indic-Computing Project ( ) and also helping in formation of Localisation teams for other languages ( Telugu , Marathi, Gujarati ). Officially he is member of Pune LUG ( ) and Jabalpur LUG ( http // ) and subscribed to many other LUGs including BLUG .

Presently the speaker is based in Mumbai working with Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd ( ), primarly on Linux based solutions. IndLinux project is actively being supported by Netcore.
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