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Speaker Name Bijon B Shaha
Company Electronics Test & Development Centre
Talk Title Geographical Information System(GIS) 'GRASS' on Linux Platform
Track Governments and Education
Scope Technical
Synopsis The availability of well known GIS GRASS (Geographic Information and Support System) as Open source GPL application, has brought forth many new possibilities amongst the users and developers of Linux. Linux is showing that application of GIS is only limited by imagination. This would have been unthinkable with the enormously expensive closed source commercial GIS packages.

Speaker Profile Bijon B Shaha , (Master of Engg) is presently the Director of the Electronics Test and Development Center, Goa; Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt of India.

In addition to using Linux both for server and desktop, he has been conducting Linux related training for the
industry, and guiding them to use Linux in Goa.

In the recent National Seminar on GIS (Commercial Application of Remote Sensing and GIS: CARG) organised by the Space Application Center(ISRO) , he has given a presentation on Application of GIS GRASS for Environmental Management.

He has conducts Quality and Environmental Managemnt related seminars and Workshops for the industry.

He also specialises in the application of Linux in
Quality and Environmental Management

He is also a certified
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