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Speaker Name Dr. B. Thangaraju
Company Wipro Technologies
Talk Title Analysis of Kernel Locking Mechanisms for Linux Kernel Programming
Track Kernel
Scope Technical
Synopsis Kernel locking mechanisms play a vital role in the Linux kernel programming (for example device driver ) development. The unsecured shared data in the kernel process without proper locking will create chaos or even crash. In this presentation, I throw more light on understanding the existing kernel locking techniques such as semaphore, atomic lock, spin lock, wait queues, read-write lock etc., in a detailed manner with appropriate example code.
Speaker Profile Dr. B. Thangaraju received a Ph.D in Physics and worked as a Research Associate for five years in Indian Institute of Science, India. He is presently (for past two years) working as a Manager in Talent Transformation, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, India. He has published 10 research papers in renowned international journals. He has also presented his research findings in more than seven international and national conferences. His current areas of research, study and knowledge dissemination are Linux Kernel, Device Drivers and Real Time Linux. His latest papers in Linux device driver are

1. Risk-Free Resource Allocation for I/O Memory-Mapped Device Drivers
Dr B Thangaraju, Linux Gazette (on line journal), October 2002, issue no: 83.

2. Fail Safe Port Allocation for Linux Device Drivers
Dr. B. Thangaraju, Kernel Korner, Linux Focus (on line journal), November 2002.

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