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Speaker Name Ganesh S
Company Wipro Technologies
Talk Title Portable approach to dispatching machine contexts in user-level in Linux
Track Kernel
Scope Technical
Synopsis Context switching usually involves saving and restoring machine contexts of the tasks/threads involved. Machine contexts hold registers and stack information and are architecture specific. This presentation talks about a portable approach to dispatch machine contexts in user level of Linux. Some of the thread libraries like GNU portable threads have implemented it.

The author has implemented the same to execute a preemptive multitasking scheduler. This environment can be used to run and test applications that are written for an RTOS, on Linux - providing a simulated "RTOS" environment on Linux!
Speaker Profile A graduate in Engineering from University of Mysore, has over 10 years of experience focussed on the embedded projects in various domains like datacom, telecom and automotive. Likes to work on RTOS and protocols for the embedded systems. Currently developing low-cost embedded prototypes using old pc motherboards mainly for educational purposes.
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