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Speaker Name Srivatsa
Company IBM
Talk Title Experiences with embedding Linux on a handheld device
Track Development
Scope Technical
Synopsis Over the past two years, Embedded Linux has risen from relative obscurity to recognition as one of top two or three OS choices for new designs of smart devices and embedded systems. More
and more developers worldwide are turning to Embedded linux for their embedded solutions.

This talk attempts to share our experiences in porting embedded linux on a PDA-like handheld device. Some of the problems & challenges we faced during this development & how we overcame them are highlighted.

Some of the points that will be covered in the talk are:

1. Going for open source vs writing from scratch
2. Boot loader corruption results in dead units - flash lock/unlock
3. The choice of the GUI (Microwindows, FLTK, X11 and Qt/QpE)
4. Use of the alternate framebuffer to overcome repaint problems after blank/unblank
5. Power Management of the handheld:
- A complex task considering several non-interacting subsystems that need to be bought under a single set of guidelines.
- Detecting system inactivity in the absence of BIOS support.
- Battery hysterisis for smoothening the highly nonlinear battery terminal voltage.
6. Handhelds losing touch screen calibration over time - turns out to be a clock scaling issue!
7. Problem of upgrading handhelds to newer software levels taking too long
- Online update of file system
8. IBM BlueDrekar bluetooth stack:
Several USB layer problems prevented stack bringup
- A previously untested combination of an ARM processor interfacing a new USB host controller
Speaker Profile Srivatsa holds a Masters degree from BITS, Pilani, India. He has been working with IBM since Nov' 1996. He is a member of Linux group at IBM, India where he concentrates primarily on Linux internals, device drivers & Power Management.

He has also worked with the kernel group at Austin for porting AIX to IA64 platform. Other areas of interest include Networking, Memory Management and SMP/NUMA.

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