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Speaker Name Chitra Balakrishnan . Hema Bhargavi M.S.
Company ERNET/IISc & Bluefont Technologies Pvt Ltd
Talk Title An Introduction to Network Security in Embdded Devices
Track Development
Scope General
Synopsis The rapid emergence, sophistication and extremely fast evolution of the internet have created a great importance to issues of transaction security, user authentication and authorization. Business networking environments, today are large and diverse and also comprise of embedded devices . These are turning to a network security model, hence the need for embedded networking protocols, composed of comprehensive network security solutions has become paramount. The need for security on embedded devices is increasing, due to the safety-critical missions, the embedded systems perform.

The talk takes off, discussing the need for network security in embedded devices, the real benefits and hitches in using linux, on embedded devices, a few common security related technologies, including network security protocols and the role they play in lowering potential security risks, in embedded devices.

The talk elaborates on the focus areas, a smart embedded OS, such as linux, must address, specially pertaining to network security in embedded devices.

Speaker Profile Chitra Balakrishnan, Graduated from Sir.M.V.I.T Bangalore University in 1999. She is currently working for ERNET , IISc, the domains of her work being Computer Networks, Network Security , Traffic engineering . She has been efficiently managing and maintaining terrestrial and satellite networks of ERNET at the physical level as well as the application level, and providing services such as Mail service , DNS service and web-caching proxy service. Apart from being a linux enthusiast, who has been involved in linux system administration, (mainly bandwidth management and network security) her other areas of interests, are Optical networks and Mobile computing.

Hema Bhargavi M S , Graduated from DSCE Bangalore in 1998.

She is currently an employee of Bluefont Technologies Pvt Ltd, prior to which, she has worked with the Khodayss Systems Ltd and Zygox Software Pvt Ltd. During her career in the past few years, she has worked on system software (mainly on Linux), under the areas of Newtorking and Embedded Systems. She has handled projects related to technologies like VOIP (SIP) , WLAN(Encryption algorithms for WLAN) and has efficiently worked on MicroController based Embedded systems and System on a chip based solutions. As a consultant, She has worked on an Intrusion Detection System, for Vinciti Networks, and also worked on MPEG4 AAC for Texas Instruments. She is apparently a Linux Enthusiast, and a keen follower of the emerging technologies on Linux.
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