Update - 31-Oct-2002

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As of today, almost 40 talks (not counting any manager-volunteered talks) have been registered.

While some of these talks promise true execellenece, a few people still need to work on they focus of their talks. We have contacted them privately about this.

There had been a few comments about the talk tracks, and we have updated the names to make them clearerm and also added a few to add more focus:

  • Development
  • System Administration
  • Users and Applications
  • Business and Corporate
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Governments and Education
  • Community Topics
As we expect a serious influx of talks post Diwali, the managers have been working on an enhanced talks registration system that will provide more flexibility to the speakers. Existing talks will be merged into the new database and speakers will be informed, so don't hold back waiting for it to come up.

Tons of Volunteers have registered, of course. Note that we will be addressing volunteers only shortly before the event, so please don't send mail to the managers bugging them for more info on volunteer related stuff.

The official invitiation to the various LUGs around the country have gone out, and has resulted in a number of new members to this list - welcome all! Hit the archives (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/linux-bangalore-2002/messages) to see what has been discussed so far.

As we get closer to the event, we are going to depend more and more on members of this list to discuss various aspects of the event, suggestions, etc. This is because the managers are going to be buried in details as they bring the event to life, and may miss stuff. As an example - last year they almost missed the food angle! ;-) So everyone - please pour in your suggestions and comments, and discuss them threadbare.

Remember - potential sponsors are watching this forum to see how things are going. There is a lot of interest, but as we all know, it takes more than interest to make someone part with their money ;-)

We also need a lot of input from non-Bangalore members. What is it you are looking for, what is it you expect? What is it you are willing to do to help us out?

One way a lot of people can pitch in is in publicising the event - stick a note on your organisation's bulletin/notice board, let your HR people know, simnply point people at http://linux-bangalore.org/2002 !

As one member (Ashwin) has pointed out - a great way to publicise the event is to include information in your email signatures (as I have done below) - think of all that mail you send out every day - each one could be an ambassador for the event, without being rude or interruptive - simply additional information in a message dealing with something completely different!

And if you work for any of the big companies (such as Wipro, Infosys, IBM, etc.) - please suggest sponsorship to the right people in your organisation! Information can be downloaded from http://linux-bangalore.org/sponsors

This weekend is a long one - for people in Karnataka, it has in fact already begun (November 1st is a holiday here) - so it is likely that many of you will be taking off for some well deserved rest and relaxation. We hope you come back full of new ideas and comments!

The managers of Linux Bangalore/2002 wish everyone a Happy Deepavali!


Linux Bangalore/2002
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December 3/4/5, 2002

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