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Speaker Name Keerthi Bhushan
Company Hewlett-Packard
Talk Title OpenSSI (Single System Image) Linux Cluster Project
Track Development
Scope General
Synopsis The OpenSSI project ( is an open source clustering project that addresses three major issues that cut across all the various cluster segments: high availability, scalability, and manageability. They recently released their 1.0 version, which is available under the GPL2 license. What distinguishes the OpenSSI project in the Linux space is its ambition and scope -- it intends to become the definitive project that unites all the Linux cluster factions. It's ambitious enough that, to my knowledge, such an inclusive, sweeping approach to clustering has never before been attempted.

Usually, when one talks about Single System Image (SSI), he/she talks about layers and levels of SSI, depending on how many subsystems and resources cooperate to create the illusion of a single system, comprising perhaps hundreds or thousands of nodes, that provide the look and feel of a single workstation (albeit on steroids). In an attempt to achieve true SSI that cooperates at many different levels, the OpenSSI team has analyzed and dissected clusters into their component parts to provide a set of SSI building blocks at the system call level from which any type of cluster can be implemented. These SSI building blocks, which were both developed by the OpenSSI team and borrowed from the open source community, provide the individual process a cluster-wide view of all the available cluster resources. Some of the most important building blocks are:
1. CLMS (cluster membership and service)
2. Cluster-wide file systems
3. Cluster-wide processes, ipc, device and n/w'ing.
4. System management
Speaker Profile Keerthi Bhushan, graduated in Computer Science from Bangalore University in 1997. Since then he has been working on various system technologies.
His primary area of expertise is Dynamic Object Code Translation and User-space Debugger development.
He has an extensive understanding of the HP PA-RISC and Intel Itanium architectures.
He shifted to kernel development on Linux as part of the OpenSSI project at HP about 6 months ago.
He is representing Dr. Bruce Walker, HP Fellow, who is the Project Lead of the OpenSSI project at HP.
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