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OSS Expo
Speaker Name Dr. Dipti Deodhare
Company Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Talk Title Harnessing Open Source Technologies for Developing Systems for the Defence Sector
Track Business
Scope Technical
Synopsis This talk is based on a team effort by three scientists of CAIR namely, Dr. Dipti Deodhare, Sangeeta Kumari and Siddhartha Banerjee. The talk will be presented by this team.

A Decision Support System (DSS) mainly consists of two components (i) a decision model and (ii) the data on which this model operates. The decision model is typically a software that accepts inputs of a large number of facts and presents them in a meaningful manner to a decision maker to facilitate and enhance his/her decision making abilities. With this generic definition of a DSS it is easy to identify the following major challenges that a DSS designer has to face. (i) The DSS should have the capability of handling heterogeneous data sources. (ii) The DSS models have to be continuously evolving in order to adapt to an ever changing environment. (iii) Mechanisms that enable user intervention/monitoring and friendly natural language interfaces to explain the decision process are also an important part of the DSS design. (iv) The objective of incorporating experience demands that we have tools with longevity. The development also has to be seen in the context of better system understanding with time and crystallisation of optimal strategies with experience.
With these aims in mind, we are working on the design of a DSS Shell (DSSS)called Aadarsha to meet the following objectives:

* To obtain a lean and thin shell architecture for easy maintenance. A bulky system will make maintenance difficult for incumbent managers.
* Standardization of the shell architecture to provide a universal interface without imposing restrictions on the data sources.
* Flexibility to incorporate evolving (new) algorithms into the inference engine of the DSS.
* A highly modularized architecture of DSSS by separating the domain specific knowledge from the domain independent knowledge.
* Provision for extension of DSS's developed on top of the shell, without requiring to recompile the existing modules.

The above objectives throw up various system engineering challenges and some of their solutions using open source technologies are discussed in this talk.
Speaker Profile Dipti Deodhare received her MSc (Comp. Sc.) from Pune University.
She did her MSc (Engg.) and PhD degrees at the Dept. of Computer
Science and Automation from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc),
Bangalore. She has been working at the Centre for Artificial
Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), Bangalore since 1991.
She currently heads the AI & NN Group at CAIR.
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