About the Bangalore Linux User Group

We are a huge group of Linux users here - several thousand over the various mailing lists, and 60-100 attend every meeting. What else would you expect from a LUG in the IT Capital of India? ;-)


We have lots of activities - apart from the tech-talks at every meet, we also participate in every IT-related event that takes place in in Bangalore, and often coordinate with other LUGs in India to ensure that India knows all about Linux!

We meet once a month - click here for details

To find out more about what a Linux User Group does (or if you want to start one yourself), read this excellent document.

Mailing Lists

We maintain several high-quality, high SNR mailing lists.

Organisational Status

The Bangalore Linux User Group is a registered society, registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960. For more information, read The Memorandum of Association.


The Internet domains linux-bangalore.org, linux-bangalore.com and linux-bangalore.net are the property of the BLUG, and are sponsored each year. All three domains point to the same site and resources.

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Knoxware Technologies
2003-2004 Atul Chitnis
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Yahoo Inc.

Web Site

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We are extremely grateful to our sponsors for their support.


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