1.   NAME OF THE SOCIETY: Bangalore Linux User's Group

	# 94, 3rd Cross,
	8th 'A' Main,
	Jakkasandra Block,


     a)   The promotion and diffusion of knowledge relating to the Linux
     Operating System, Open Source Technology or any other useful knowledge
     amongst it's members as well as the general public.

     b)   To organise trade fairs, expositions, to conduct seminars etc. in
     order to promote the Linux Operating System and Open Source Technology.

     c)   To represent effectively before various authorities such as
     Central and State level Information Technology Ministries,
     Telecommunications Authorities, Industry forums,police force etc. in
     order to carry on the activities of the association effectively and in
     order to further the aims and objectives of the association's members
     with regard to the Linux Operating System/Open Source Technology.

     d)   To represent effectively before various commercial organisations
     the needs, requirements, aims and objectives of the association's
     members with regard to the Linux Operating System/Open Source
     Technology and in order in order to carry on the activities of the
     association effectively.

4.   The income and profits derived from the above objects shall be utilised
     for the expenditure and activities of the Society.  The dividends and
     profits shall not be distributed among the members or any body under any

5.   The undersigned Governing Council and Managing Committee have formed
     the Society and signed jointly.


Sl.No  Name & Address   Age  Occupation   Designation   Signature
1. Dr. S. Soundarajan 	
2. Gopi Krishna S Garge	
3. Jessica Prabhakar 	
4. Biju Philip Chacko	
5. Babu Kalakrishnan	
6. Prof.V.Vinay
7. Hanish Menon


Sl.No.    Name & Address      Age       Occupation     Signature


6.   A resolution was passed Unanimously empowering the President to submit
     the Memorandum of Association and the bye-laws of the Society to the
     Registrar of Societies for the registration of the Society and to carry
     out all further correspondence.

                    RULES & REGULATIONS

1.   NAME OF THE SOCIETY: Bangalore Linux User's Group

	# 94, 3rd Cross,
	8th 'A' Main,
	Jakkasandra Block,


The membership of the Society will be of the following three categories.

a)   Life Membership : Rs.1,000/-

b)   Annual Membership : Rs.500/-

c)   Monthly contribution for the General Membership Rs.100/-

d)   The Admission fee for each member shall be Rs.50/-

e)   All monthly subscriptions shall fall due on the first day or within the
     tenth of every month.

f)   Any person who has attained above the age of 18 years will be allowed
     to become a member of the Association.

g)   A person desiring to be a member of the Society should apply in the
     prescribed form along with the admission fee and the subscription amount. 
     Such persons can be admitted to the Society as a member by the President
     which will be endorsed by the next meeting of the executive committee.  If
     the membership is not approved for any reason, the said applicant will be
     informed within 15 days with the reason for not approval.

h)   Obligations of the Members :  From the date of the registration of the
     Society, all the members are allowed to participate in the activities
     of the society.  A member will have the power to participate in the
     Annual General Election and to contest the election.

i)   If any person is found to act against the aims and objects of the
     Society, he is served a Notice of atleast seven days in advance and the
     executive committee will remove such member from the membership.  Such
     members will have the power to appeal to the General Body Meeting.

j)   The membership period will be from 1st April to 31st March.  If he
     becomes a member any time during this period, he has to pay the
     membership fee for the whole year and his membership will be considered
     for that year.

k)   If the subscription of member is in arrears for three months following
     without satisfactory explanation to the Secretary, his name will be
     removed and the Executive Committee may reconsider his application for
     readmission subject to all the arrears including the admission fee
     being paid.

l)   The termination of membership will be, on death, the member acting
     against the objects of the Association, unsound mind and other reasons
     stated by the Executive Committee.


Any member of the Association may apply to the Secretary for any information
as may be rquired on any matter of the subjects, rules and regulations of
the Association.


a)   A General Body Meeting of the society will be held Annually during the
     month of June.

b)   The report of the Management of the previous years working and the
     Audited account and for the one period and proceedings years shall be
     discussed and submitted for confirmation.

c)   A Committee consisting of 7 members shall be elected in the General
     Body Meeting once in a year.

d)   The Committee shall generally meet once a month for which notice of 7
     days will be given to the members by the Secretary.

e)   The President may call for a General Meeting, for which 21 days notice
     shall be given to the members.

f)   Voting shall be conducted by show of hands or by secret ballot, for the
     election of the members to the Executive Committee, during the Annual
     General Meeting.  Such elected member can take part in the election of the
     office bearers.

g)   21 days clear notice to the Annual General Meeting and 21 days clear
     notice to the Special General Meeting will be given and the subject matter
     to be discussed shall be stated in such notice.

h)   A Special General Meeting shall be conveyed as per sec.11(3) of the
     K.S.R. Act 1960.

6)   QUORUM:

The quorum of the General Body Meeting shall be 1/3rd of the members.


a)   OFFICIAL YEAR: The Official year of the society shall be from 1st April
     to the end of 31st March every year.

b)   The assets and liabilities and the Balance Sheet of the Association
     shall be laid before the Annual General Body Meeting for confirmation.

c)   Such a Balance Sheet and the list of Committee members shall be filed
     with the Registrar of societies, as per Sec.13 of the K.S.R. Act 1960.


An Auditor shall be appointed annually and the remuneration shall be fixed
by the members of the Annual General Meeting.


a)   To ensure and promote the primary aim and objectives of the Society.

b)   To operate funds and manage the property of the Society and to present
     the duly audited accounts at the Annual General Meeting.

c)   To publish Annual report accounts.

d)   To form Regional centres wherever deemed fit / feasible as per Clause - 8.

e)   In the event of any office bearer laying down office for whatever
     reasons, the Managing Committee can co-opt any member consider suitable
     for the office for the remaining period of the tenure or till elections
     are held.

f)   To ensure that all monitary transactions are through objectives of the Society.

g)   To ensure utilisation of Income towards promoting the objectives of the

h)   May decide to expel a member of Managing Committee or a member of the
     society in case any one is convinced of any Criminal offence, or prove
     insanity or any members action in contravention to the bye-laws.

i)   Managing Committee shall have power to issue appeals raise funds and
     fulfil all formalities incumbent upon it.

j)   To accept from Government Organisation and individual, grants,
     donations subscriptions of any property movable / immovable for
     furtherance of the objectives of the society.

k)   At any meeting of the Executive Committee, each member present will
     have one vote except President who shall have in addition a casting vote. 
     Voting may be by raising of hands.

l)   Executive Committee may appoint a Committee / Sub-Committee with such
     powers as deemed fit by this body for the purpose of in commensurate with
     objectives.  The Committee, Sub-Committee may co-opt persons who are
     members of the society.

m)   Executive Committee may invite to thier meetings not more than two
     specialists / Experts who may be non-members of the Association whose
     presence with the deliberations is considered useful.

n)   Executive Committee shall arrange for the publication in any manner
     societies, journal, documents, as may be considered fit in the furtherance
     of its objectives.

o)   To retain, appoint, promote, dismiss, any employee for managing and
     functioning of society and to regulate their terms and conditions of
     employement including remuneration.

p)   To make the Rules and Bye-laws and get approved.


The administration and management of the Association shall vest in the
Executive Committee consisting of 7 members including PRESIDENT, VICE

PRESIDENT:     He shall be in over all charge of the Society and General
               Body Meetings.  All the policies and programmes shall be
               formulated and implemented only through him.

VICE PRESIDENT:He shall assist President in general, in the absence of the 
               President, he shall assume the charge of the President.


a)   He shall call for all the meetings of the governing council as and when
deemed necessary and the General Body and the Special General Body Meetings
as per the rules with the previous approval of the President and maintain
the minutes book and record all the proceedings of the meetings.

b)   He shall be the correspondent of the Association and shall be in-charge
of the office with all the records of the Association.

c)   He shall be the custodian of all articles and belongings both movable
and immovable of the Association.

d)   He shall operate bank accounts jointly with the Treasurer.

TREASURER:     He shall be the custodian of all the funds, investments and
               operate the funds, however, the bank account being operated
               jointly with the Secretary.

11.  Any vacancy that may arise in the Executive Committee may be filled in
     by the remaining Committee members.

12.  Any member of the Executive Committee being absent for three successive
     meetings without proper cause shall cease to be member of the Executive
     Committee and shall be eligible to be re-elected.

13.  The Executive Committee is to meet every month or earlier if there is
     any business to consider and Secretary shall convene such meetings in
     consultation with the 1/3rd shall form quorum.

14.  PROVISION:     Provided that no amendment to the Memorandum of
     Association, rules and Regulations of the Society shall be made which may
     prove to be repugnant to the provisions of Section 2(15), 11 12, 13 and
     80(g) of the Income Tax Act and as amended from time to time. Further, any
     amendment carried out shall be forthwith reported to the Commissioner of
     Income Tax.

15.  Institution whose objects are similar to those of this society /
     Association and which enjoys the recognition under Section 80(g) of the
     Income Tax Act 1961 as amended from time to time.

16.  The Executive Committee in its meeting shall consider all the questions
     affecting business that may be of interest to the memebers of the
     Association and they shall inform and circulate any information which may be
     of use and beneficial to the meetings.

17.  Alterations of amendment to the Memorandum of Association shall be made
     as per Section 9 of the K.S.R. Act 1960.

18.  Change of names, rules and regulations shall be made as per Section 10
     of the K.S.R. Act 1960.

19.  The dissolution of the Association if arises, it shall be as per
     Section 22 and 23 of the K.S.R. Act 1960.

20.  Regarding Amalgamation of the Association arises, it shall be as per
     Section 21 of the K.S.R. Act 1960.

21.  The working hours of the Association will be from:
          Morning   :    11.00 AM  to    1.00 PM
          Evening   :     5.00 PM  to    7.00 PM

22.  For the things and matter which have not been specifically provided for
     therein above, the provisions of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act
     1960 and the rules made thereunder shall apply.


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