May 2002 Meet - Minutes

Photos of the meet

Atul started off - explained the need for a new coordinator becasue of Mahendra having been posted in Pune. He named the new co-ord as Kingsly John (who had specifically flown in from Dubai for the meet) - being the winner after a game of ----- against Khader and Kalyan

Then the whole group went through a post-mortem of sorts of LB2001 - its +ves and -ves.

        Food - not so great; long queues; not organised
        Need to choose managers to set  
        Need to get press involved much earlier
        TV coverage
        Halls@JNTata too small for some talks
        The Hanish Factor
        Speakers will be pulled off stage on time by rope/ electric shock
        Should we have the event during the week or weekend because not all
        students got attendance
        Business timings? - business crowd less likely to attend on their
        own time.
The discussion list for LB 2002 is up.

HP is the sponsor of this meet. Thankyou HP for continued kindness

BLUG membership issue has to be worked out; have to formalise and issue cards and numbers

Then Atul started the presentation on Digital Cameras - demoed flash cards that fit into PCMCIA Cards and are recognised as another device - can read and use data on it fro anything we want.

Meet ended with excellent snacks

(Minutes taken from Jessica Prabhakar's notes as the usual BLUG chronicler went AWOL)


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