Exhibitors' feedback for Linux Bangalore/2002

OSS Expo

  1. Your general opinion about Linux Bangalore/2002
    • We felt that it was very professionally and systematically organized .It is also right for Linux exhibitions to be done at Bangalore where Linux users are considered to be Hi-tech and on the move!...Naturally, we are seeing growth of Linux users increasing year to year...
      -- Satcom Infotech/SOPHOS ANTIVIRUS

    • I think it was very well planned & organized. Becoz of the event fee, only the serious crowd was in. I could hardly attend talks ,as was busy at the stall most time.
      -- IndLinux project

    • It was a very well organised event.
      -- Grace System Technology Labs

  2. How did your participation in LB/2002, as an exhibitor, affect your business ?
    • As an exhibitor, we had tremendous enquiries/feedback/discussions at the stall...the most natural being "Are viruses written for Linux?' ..which is YES..and we saw the Slammer worm affect many pcs worldwide last year. So, in a sense we had the opportunity to educated the Linux users on anti-virus awareness for mailservers/fileservers...for which sophos is considered very popular ..providing protection on many linux platforms than any other free softwares. The leads we got were of high quality compared to IT.com where we also had a stall last year..and we could convert 9 leads into orders.
      -- Satcom Infotech/SOPHOS ANTIVIRUS

    • Honestly - site stats improved ;-), got few volunteers. Queries & feedback from delegates led to the software releases.
      -- IndLinux project

    • We have got some good contacts and we are in the process of building relationships based on that. It has helped our training unit also, in terms of exposure.
      -- Grace System Technology Labs

  3. How was your interaction with the delegates of LB/2002 ?
    • Frankly, we did not find time to attend any session, though we could discuss technical aspects of Sophos AV with some of delegates who dropped in the stall and few friends who associate with us/Sophos in their work like Ravi-Ishoni(now he is at wipro), Abhas(DeepRoot), Praveen(Pixel).
      -- Satcom Infotech/SOPHOS ANTIVIRUS

    • It was a good learning experience, mainly their queries on Indic stuff. The most common question being 'Is this FS/OSS or commercial?". Apart from the stall coulnt have much interation with delegates.
      -- IndLinux project

    • Good
      -- Grace System Technology Labs

  4. Would you like to participate in LB/2003 as an exhibitor ?
    • Participation in LB2003.....a big YES! And will recommend also to anyone in the Linux field. It really pays back ! Both in short run and long run ...(Please give me the same stall position, if you can book in advance)
      -- Satcom Infotech/SOPHOS ANTIVIRUS

    • Definetly, this time we are having bigger plans! :). The stall we put up in LB/2002 was a good learning experience, will get better this time, preparing for it well in advance. Will keep you'll informed about them. This time we might try for 2 stalls (2 parts of the 4 that were available in LB/2002). Apart from this plan to have 4-5 talks on different aspects of Indic stuff.
      -- IndLinux project

    • Most probably yes.
      -- Grace System Technology Labs

  5. Any general comments/suggestions for Linux Bangalore/2003 :
    • Yes, there is one..the FOOD availablility in time.. (inevitable need for humans !!)..the lunch hall was in commotion initial day ..and could be planned better.
      Best of luck in LB 2003.
      -- Satcom Infotech/SOPHOS ANTIVIRUS

    • - One idea could be if possible record the talks, this way they could be archived & a LB/2003 talk CD can be made.
      - If T shirts are to be given then no "black" T shirts please :), any light colour with logos etc printed on it (than sticking them on) would do. Also no "DELEGATE" , "SPEAKER" etc written behind. If needed for 'volunteer'/manager/speaker etc. a temporary sticker could be stuck behind.
      -- IndLinux project

    • As an Exhibitor our intention is to get some exposure. Linux Bangalore group being a well respected group, it would be really helpful if you could mention the names of exhibitors and links to their home pages in the web pages associated with the event, preferably before the event itself.
      -- Grace System Technology Labs


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